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What is Freddy Answers?

Freddy Answers gives instant and precise answers to your customer's questions helping with instant resolutions and happier customers. But it doesn’t stop with deflection. It follows up the answers with intent-based bot conversations to engage and delight customers.

How is Freddy Answers different from other chatbots?

When customers ask questions, most chatbots suggest solution articles from the knowledge base. Customers are expected to go through every suggestion to see if the article is helping. But what today’s customers look for is fast, precise answers. Freddy Answers helps you deliver that. 

  • It can deliver accurate answers instantly
  • It can tap into the intent behind customer questions, truly engage with them and help them with the next best actions
  • It can be trained to understand the different ways in which customers ask questions
  • It can provide a human touch by engaging in small talk


How to set it up?

You can set up Freddy Answers to provide accurate answers for frequently asked questions, automatically handoff conversations to an agent, and trigger relevant bot flows based on the intent of customer questions. Setting up will take less than a minute.

  • Login to your Freshdesk account as an admin
  • Navigate to the Bots icon on the left panel
  • Click on Setup my first bot button.
  • Once the bot is set up, you will be taken to the bot configurations page where you can customize your Bot to suit your business needs.

Customizing Freddy Answers

Freddy Answers can be customized to suit your brand image. You can have a name for the bot, choose an avatar, change the widget color, and a lot more.

  • Navigate to Settings on the left panel of your Freddy Answers configuration page
  • Under General Settings, you will see an option to choose a name and an avatar for your bot
  • Get creative and give your bot a personality by choosing a name.
  • If you wish to add an avatar for your bot, click on the grey color icon next to the default bot avatar to upload a PNG/JPEG image of not less than 100x100 resolution.


To match your brand color, you can also change the widget color and background image of your bot 

  • Under Chat Settings, you will see an option to choose the widget color and a background image for your bot
  • Pick a color from the palette or enter the hex code of your preferred color
  • You can also choose your favorite background image for your bot from the five default options.

How to embed Freddy Answers on your website?

Once you’re done with configuring the bot to suit your business needs, you can go ahead and embed it on your website.

  • Navigate to Settings on the left panel of your bot configuration page
  • Choose the Chat option
  • You will see the widget code. Click on the Copy button and paste the code before the /body tag on all the pages of your website for the bot to appear.

There is no sync for Freddy Answers between Freshdesk and Freshchat, i.e. the answers and flows you create in Freshdesk will not be visible in Freshchat and vice versa.

Next Steps:

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