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Insights give an overview of how well the bot has engaged with your customers and the impact it has on your business.

Insights tab will give you the number of answers given by the bot and the number of answers that were marked as useful or not helpful. It also gives the data on how many questions were not attempted by the bot. To access Insights, click on Bots > Choose the bot > Insights.

You can choose a time period for which the report has to be generated using the dropdown menu at the top.

With Insights, you can measure the following metrics:

  • Bot resolution rate: This will give you the total number of answers given by Freddy, that was marked as helpful by the customer.
  • Questions attempted by the bot: This will give you the total number of questions that were answered by Freddy.
  • Questions the bot did not answer: This will give you the total number of questions that were not attempted by Freddy.

  • Bot performance: The bot performance table gives an overview of the number of answers sent, marked has helpful, and not helpful along with the date within the filtered timeline.

There is no sync for Freddy Answers between Freshdesk and Freshchat, i.e. the answers and flows you create in Freshdesk will not be visible in Freshchat and vice versa.