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Securing your attachments (going out from Freshdesk)

With secure attachments, you can ensure that any attachments sent from Freshdesk (Ticket replies, outbound emails, notifications) can be accessed only after logging in for agents and customers.

When your users receive an attachment in their mailbox, they'll be prompted to log in to the portal in order to access or download the file. If you've set up single sign-on, the login page redirects to the SSO page by default. Your users will then have to sign in to access the attachment.

A quick guide to setting up secure attachments:

  • Login to your helpdesk as an Administrator
  • Go to Admin> Account > Security
  • Use the toggle to enable secure attachments under the access settings for attachments section
  • Click Save

Receiving attachments securely (coming into Freshdesk)

Whenever a ticket or a conversation is created with an attachment in Freshdesk, and if this attachment is identified as a malicious file, the file will be dropped. The agent assigned to the ticket or conversation will also be notified. 

They will see this message - Some attachment(s) is/are dropped because of malicious content. Please reach out to the sender for more details.