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Quite often, field technicians make their way to a service appointment only to find out that the customer is not available. This often happens when customers schedule a service call in advance but end up forgetting about it on the day of the appointment.

Having to revisit every customer who forgot about an appointment can be taxing on your team’s workload. Not only does it throw off your planned schedule, but also adds to their travel time, fuel costs, and any overtime you have to pay for those revisits. It also ends up impacting your core field service metrics like your First-Time-Fix rate and Mean-Time-To-Fix rate.

That’s why we built the Appointment Reminder app for Freshdesk Field Service Management. 

Setting up the app

  • Login to your Freshdesk account. 

  • Go to Admin Support Operations → Apps →  Get More Apps located in the top right corner

  • Search for Appointment Reminder. Click on the Appointment Reminder app icon from the search results to navigate to the app page. 

  • Click to install the app to your helpdesk. 

Once installed, enter the Domain name and API key in the app settings page to proceed with the setup

To find out where you can get your API Key, read this article.

Now, with access to the app’s full settings page, you can set up multiple reminders for appointments. 

To create a new reminder:

  • Click on “Create Reminder” under the setup tab in the app settings page

  • Select when you wish a reminder email to be sent to the customer. You can choose between minutes, hours, days, and months. 

  • Give this reminder a title. Say, “6-hour reminder” or “1-day reminder” 
  • Enter the “From” email ID which you wish to use for the communication.

  • Select the Receiver of the reminder.

  • Enter the details you wish to communicate in this reminder email. You have access to placeholders like “Subject”, “Appointment start date”, “Appointment start time” etc. Using these in your email ensures that the reminder email will be automatically populated with the right data when it is being sent to the customer. 

  • Click on “Save” to finish setting up your reminders. 

You may set up multiple reminders to inform the customer. For example, You can send one email to remind the customer a day before the appointment and one more to confirm the visit when there is an hour left for the appointment start time. This ensures the customer is aware at all times and minimizes the chances of them forgetting about the appointment. Giving them an hour’s notice also provides them with enough time to reschedule if necessary before your technician goes out to visit them so they are saved a trip.