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We assure you that this change will not impact your product experience, and no action is required on your part.

We are excited to introduce the launch of our new Freshworks Customer Service Suite — an all-in-one, AI-first, omnichannel solution. This Suite combines conversational support and ticketing capabilities, powered by generative AI, to deliver outstanding customer and agent experiences.

If you are a Freshdesk Omnichannel customer and want to learn more and experience the new Freshworks Customer Service Suite, please write to support@freshdesk.com.

Omnichannel Groups lets you manage your different teams of agents that work across channels from the same page.
With Omnichannel Groups you can:

  • Set up the automatic assignment of tickets, chats, or calls and create Business Hours for your agents across Freshdesk, Freshchat, and Freshcaller.

  • Manage all your teams centrally from Freshdesk.

  • Automate workflows across channels easily.

  • Get a holistic view of performance for your team.

Note: Omnichannel Groups is currently only available for customers who signed up after February 2021. For customers who signed up before February 2021, this will be made available in Q2 2021.

To create a New Omnichannel Group:

  • Go to the Admin > Teams > Groups

  • The default groups available are listed; you can click on the Edit button next to each group and add agents

  • If you want to create a new group, click on the New Group button on the top right.

  • Enter a Group Name, this will help you identify the group.

  • Select the Group Type.

    • A Support group is for agents handling emails and social media tickets

    • A Service group is for field technicians. (To know more about Service Groups, please click here.)

  • Enter a Description for the group.

  • Select the Business Hours you want to apply to this group. (To know more about Omnichannel Business Hours, please check out this article.)

  • If you want to add agents immediately, check the Add agents in the next step box.

  • Click on Create to create your group.

  • If you had checked the Add agents in the next step box, you will see the following screen.

  • You can add agents to the group by entering their names or email addresses in the text box.

  • To add multiple agents at the same time, you can enter their email addresses separated by a comma or space.

  • Once you have added all agents, click on Add to group.

If you want to set up automatic assignment:

  • Click on Group Properties.

  • To automatically assign tickets to your agents, turn on Automatic ticket assignment and select the type of ticket assignment you want. 

  • To automatically assign chats using IntelliAssign, turn on Automatic chat assignment.

  • If you want to ensure your tickets aren’t left unassigned in a group, scroll down to Ticket escalation settings and set up an escalation rule to automatically receive an email notification when a ticket is left unassigned for a set period of time. 

  • You can choose the agent to be notified and the time before which they are notified.

To add/remove agents to your group: 

  • Click on the Agents tab. You will see a list of agents added to the Group

  • To remove an agent, click on the Delete button on the right.

  • You can also delete multiple agents at a time by selecting the agents using the check box on the left and clicking on the Remove button. 

  • To add new agents to the group, click the Add agents button on the right.

  • Enter the names of the agents or copy their email IDs separated by space or comma.

  • Once you have added all the agents, click Add to group.

  • Please note that if you try to add/remove agents from your Freshchat or Freshcaller account, you’ll be redirected to your Freshdesk account.

Now all your agents are organized into groups and you can see their performances using Omnichannel Analytics.