There may be instances where emails that are sent or received in your helpdesk may not have attachments. Here are some of the causes that may be preventing attachments from coming into the helpdesk.   

Attachments dropped in Incoming Emails

Freshdesk allows tickets to be created even when the attachments are exceeding the 20 MB limit, from an email service. Tickets which have attachments up to 50MB to come in, however, all attachments above the 20 MB limit will be dropped and this alert will be shown in the ticket - 'Attachment(s) that exceed 20 MB limit have been dropped. Please reach out to the sender.'

This way, the tickets get created and the agents are also notified about the status of the attachment(s).

1) The limit is 20 MB for Growth and above plans. For Free and trial plans, the threshold is 15 MB.
2) Attachments will be present in the ticket only if it is in the proper content type (eg.: PDF, .doc, .txt, .mp4, .mp3, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .svg)

Attachments dropped in Outgoing Emails

Ticket replies:

If you are able to see that the outgoing email contains the attachments but the customer has not received them, there may be some limitations set at the receiver end. Inform the customer to check their email server team for any limitations in receiving attachments. 

Ticket forwards:

When you forward a conversation/ticket through an automation rule, the attachments present in the conversation will not be forwarded automatically. Go to Admin > Automations > Ticket updates > New rule > Perform these actions > Forward to enable the option to forward the conversation along with attachments in the actions as shown below.

Unable to view attachments

If you’re unable to view attachments, it could be one of the following reasons:

1. An Automation rule configured

You can configure actions to take on incoming tickets depending on whether they contain attachments or not. If you're encountering situations where tickets with attachments trigger unwanted actions such as being marked as spam, deleted, or having their group updated automatically, go to Admin > Automations > Ticket Creation, to review and adjust automation settings accordingly.

2. Public ticket URL

 If an agent is accessing the ticket using a public ticket URL and if the conversation contains attachments, they will only be able to read conversations and not view attachments. When the agent clicks on the attachment it will redirect them to the login page. If the agent has to view the attachment, they can forward the specific conversation to their (agent’s) email address.

This is irrespective of whether the secure attachments option is enabled.

3. Webhook

When you use webhooks to create a note/ticket using the last public/private comment placeholder and if the note contains attachments, then the new ticket/note will carry the attachment link which will be accessible only to the agents of the respective helpdesk.

4. Secure Attachments

Any attachments/inline images sent out from Freshdesk (Ticket replies, outbound emails, notifications) can be accessed only after logging in, for both agents and customers if the secure attachments option is enabled under security settings. Go to Admin > Account > Security > Toggle ON Access setting for attachments


5. Image looks broken in the ticket

When the requestor is using an external online source to paste the image while raising a ticket, the image will be accessible only until the image is available in the source. If the image, for eg: is copied from a mailbox to Freshdesk, and if that email is deleted, then the image will become inaccessible in Freshdesk. 

When the requestor copies the image from the local machine to add an inline image, then Freshdesk will generate a URL for it, and the image will not depend on the local machine.