Feature Details: 

  1. You can automatically convert completed chat transcriptions as tickets.
  2. Offline Chat messages can be logged as tickets in Freshdesk.
  3. Selectively discard chat transcriptions that should not be converted as tickets.

Installation Procedure:
  • Login to your support portal. 
  • Go to Admin > Email. 
  • Note down your support email listed under Global Support Emails. 


Integrate Real-time Chat with Olark

  • Sign up with Olark for an account.
  • Click on Operators  and configure  your Agents.
  • Click on Install and select this javascript code to  embed the Chat window in your website. 
  • Click on Transcripts in your Olark Account

  • Enter your support Email Address here that has been configured in FreshDesk.
  • Ensure you select the option Forward all transcripts to the email above.

With this all chat transcriptions will be sent into Freshdesk and be converted as tickets (both online as well as offline chat messages).