The details of all the incoming and outgoing calls will be available in the call history page. You can access this from the phone channel dashboard shown in the Dashboard tab and to your right

Each record of the call will contain the following details in this order:

  • Name/number of the customer who made or received the call.
  • Status of the call. Whether the call was completed/unanswered/abandoned/transferred.
  • Agent/Agent group that made or received the call.
  • When the call was made.
  • The cost of the call.
  • Recording of the call (if call recording has been for that particular number). Call recording can be deleted by clicking on the trashcan button that appears when you hover over the recording. Calls/Voicemails that lasted for less than 5 seconds will not be recorded.
  • Option to convert the call to ticket or link to the ticket if the call was already converted.
  • Option to call the customer again.

Transferred calls

When a call has been transferred to other agents one or more times, you will be able to see it below the call status. The count of the number of transfers will be displayed, clicking on which will bring up the details about the call after the transfer.

Call filters 

You can filter the calls based on the phone number, call type, business hours and more.

Different call statuses and what they mean

Status What it means

  • Completed incoming or outgoing call.
  • Transferred call. The count shows the number of times the call was transferred.

  • No answer. When a receiver doesn't answer the call in an outgoing call.
  • Voicemail. If nobody in the helpdesk answers the incoming call and the caller leaves a voicemail.

[Only Incoming Calls]
On hover, you can see if the incoming call is a 
  • Abandon call (Queue). If the call was disconnected by the caller after being placed in the queue.
  • Abandon call (IVR). If the call was disconnected during the IVR before the caller was placed in the queue.
  • Abandon call (Ringing). If the call was disconnected while ringing agents. If you have IVR configured, this will happen after the caller is taken out of the queue. If you don't have IVR, any incoming call that was unanswered will have this status.

[Only Incoming Calls]

  • Blocked call. If a call comes from a number blocked by the helpdesk.

Call blocking

You can block the numbers you do not want to be receiving calls from through your call history. You just need to hover over the caller information, and a block icon appears over the caller's profile picture. Click on that icon to block the number. 


Now every occurrence of that number in your call history will be marked with a blocked icon. Any attempts to call your helpdesk through the blocked number will be listed in the log. However, no agent in your helpdesk will be prompted to answer the call.