Note: This feature is currently not available on Freshdesk Mint.

Your conversations with visitors using live chat can be converted into tickets in Freshdesk. For example, if you need a few days to troubleshoot a customer issue, you can inform the customer and convert the conversation into a ticket. Later, when the issue is resolved you can update the ticket and let the customer know.

Quick guide to convert a chat to ticket

The convert to ticket option appears when you close the chat window. You can choose to 

  • Save the conversation as a new ticket - you can edit the requester name, email address and the time of the chat and hit save.
  • Save the conversation to an existing ticket - a list of tickets raised by the same requester will appear, you choose a ticket and the chat will be added as a public note to the ticket.
  • Not convert the chat to ticket - you can always go back to the chat history and convert it.

Live chat dashboard

The live chat dashboard gives real time chat information of the helpdesk to the agents. It is seen on the right of the dashboard tab. It shows the number of agents available to chat, number of new/returning visitors online and the number of chats going on in your helpdesk. You can also look at the list of visitors and initiate a chat from here. 

Message archive

You can use the live chat dashboard to access the message archive where the transcripts of all the chats in your helpdesk are stored.

You can browse through the chat history and use filters on the left to find out specific chats. You can also convert a chat into a ticket and view the ticket conversation of the chat that was already converted.