Agents can attach signatures to tickets. These are automatically appended to any ticket reply that the agent sends out. You can add pictures, insert links and use simple formatting techniques to make your content stand out (like bold, italics etc). You would not be able to add HTML content to your signature.


Quick procedure to add a signature in Freshdesk

  • Please navigate to Profile settings by clicking on the profile picture, the one that appears in the top-right on your Freshdesk Agent Portal. The drop down menu that appears when you do so would have "Profile Settings" as an option.
  • You would be able to edit the Signature field to add your signature.
  • If you are looking to add a signature for another agent, please navigate to Admin-->Agents-->Click on Edit.
  • If you scroll down the form, at the end of Agent Details section, you'll find the text box and controls for Signature.
  • You can use the usual formatting options like bold, underline, italics and text colours. 
  • Please note that if you want to use images in your signature, it has to be hosted publicly. And to add it in the signature, you will have to provide the URL.
  • Don't forget to Save the changes once you're done.
  • And voila! It's automatically added to all tickets the minute you hit Reply.