The phone summary report gives you a quick summary of calls handled by your support agents. You can use this report to find out which of your support hotlines are getting the most calls, which group you should be allocating more agents to and which agent is handling calls quicker and better. You can view the helpdesk performance over the past 180 days. 

Quick guide to access and read phone reports

  • Login to support portal as an administrator.
  • Go to the Reports tab.
  • In the Helpdesk Analysis section, click on the Phone summary icon.

Report filters

  • Click on the Edit button on the top fold of the report to customize your report.
  • In the filter that appears on the left, select the time period for which you want to see the metrics.
  • Choose one of your numbers.
  • To find out the performance of individual groups in your helpdesk, you can select the group names. You can also see the performance of the calls that were not assigned to any particular group (because you chose to "call all groups" in the Greetings or "call agent" in the IVR) by choosing the "Unassigned" option.
  • You can view the summary of all the calls or just incoming or outgoing calls using the drop down.

Call Summary

The summary shows the general call metrics of the phone number you choose from the filter. 

Metrics in Call Summary 
Incoming and outgoing calls
Outgoing calls
Incoming calls
Number of calls
Total number of calls to and from your phone number 
The total number of calls made by your agents
The total number of calls made by your customers to the helpdesk
Unanswered calls
Total number of incoming and outgoing calls unanswered by agents and customers 

The total number of outgoing calls that were unanswered by the customer 

The total number of incoming calls unanswered by any of your agents 
Voice mails
Total number of incoming calls that reached your helpdesk voicemail
Not applicable  Total number of incoming calls that reached your helpdesk voicemail
No. of transfers
The number of calls that were transferred to other agents 
The number of outgoing calls transferred to other agents
The number of incoming calls transferred to other agents
Unanswered transfers
The numbers of calls missed after call transfer to other agents
The number of transferred outgoing calls missed
The number of transferred incoming calls missed
Avg handle time
The average time spent on calls by your helpdesk
The average time spent on outgoing calls
The average time spent on incoming calls 

Below every metric you can see its percentage increase or decrease over the past time period. For example, if you pick the time period as last 30 days, the change when compared to the value 30 days previous to the last 30 days is shown.

Agent Call Summary

This shows you the performance of each agent in your helpdesk or in the group you selected.

Average handle timeThe average time spent by an agent on the call (total time spent on answered calls/ number of answered calls). 

Calls: The total number of calls handled by every agent, including the transferred calls.. The number of calls unanswered or ignored by the agent is also shown. 

Answer% : The percentage of incoming calls that were answered by the agent.

Total durationThe total amount of time an agent spent on calls.