With Freshdesk Mint, we've rebuilt Freshdesk to be a modern, faster and more responsive platform, so that it's easier for you to interact with your customers. In the first phase of this new experience, we're improving the Dashboard, Tickets and Contacts pages to better reflect how our customers use Freshdesk. 

Here's a quick overview of the Mint experience:

With Mint, we are introducing a set of new features to improve support workflows:

  • Navigation panel - You can now navigate faster between the various sections in your helpdesk with the icon-based navigation panel to the left.
  • Dashboard
    • Today’s trends widget - You can see the current received tickets count as compared to the previous day's, for every hour. You can also view the top helpdesk metrics for the day such as tickets received/resolved, average response times, and SLA resolution percentage here. 

    • Product and Group based filters - You can now filter the Dashboard by a specific group or product to view only the corresponding ticket summary metrics and trends.

  • Ticket views

    • Ticket Card/Table view - We’re introducing the Ticket Table view, a simplified way of seeing the list of tickets in a view, in addition to the existing Ticket Card view.

    • Assign to Agent/Group - You can now assign tickets to a specific group from the Edit panel for each ticket.

    • Tags - You can see ticket tags at the top of each ticket in the Ticket Card view.

    • CSAT response - You can see the CSAT rating that a ticket has received near the ticket source icon in the Ticket Card view.

    • Quick reply/add notes - Hovering over a ticket in either views shows a preview of the ticket description. You can now quickly reply or add notes to tickets from within the preview.

  • Ticket details view

    • Jump to ticket view - You can now see the list of tickets in the current view as a pop-up in the Ticket details page, by clicking on the ellipsis between the navigation arrows at the top right. You can jump directly to a particular ticket from here.

    • Reply editor - You will now see a simplified Reply editor with all the extended features like formatting options, inserting canned responses/solution articles, including satisfaction surveys and attaching files as icons at the bottom left of the editor. 

  • Contacts

    • Create ticket for a contact - You can now create a new ticket for a particular contact within the Contact details page using the plus icon to the right of the contact name. 

    • Automatically map fields while importing contacts - You can select a file to import contacts and Freshdesk will now automatically map the columns to your ticket fields.

  • New dropdown for ticket/email - You can now add a new ticket, email, contact or company from the New dropdown at the top right of the helpdesk. By default, clicking on the button will create a new ticket.

Listed below are features that have been modified from the earlier version of Freshdesk:


Earlier version of Freshdesk

Freshdesk Mint


Recent activities list

This will slide into view from the right, upon clicking on the ‘Recent activities’ link.

Admin/Agent Snapshots

A single Dashboard based on the role of the user will now be displayed.

Today’s trends widget available as part of Snapshots

This is now available as part of the Dashboard for anyone with Supervisor or higher permissions.

Unresolved tickets view

This is available as a separate widget below the Today’s trends widget.

Leaderboard tab in the Gamification widget

Profile pictures will not be visible on the Leaderboard tab. The View All option has been temporarily removed and will be added soon.

CSAT widget (available in the Agent Snapshot only)

This widget will now be visible on the Dashboard for all roles.

Delete option on the Todo list

Both Edit and Delete options will be available on the Todo list.

Live Chat, Phone and Agents Available widgets

These widgets have been been removed as we are moving from live chat to Freshchat and from Phone channel to Freshcaller. These two products will provide all the details.


Single view of the list of tickets (Ticket Card view)

There will now be two ways to view the list of tickets - Table view and Card view.

Filters panel on the left

The Filters panel has been moved to the right and can be expanded or collapsed as required. 

Export option for tickets (Only provides ticket data) 

The Export option will now include the ability to export company and contact data also. 

Ticket source icons (visible near the Edit panel for each ticket) 

The ticket source will now be visible right below the subject of the ticket.

Ticket details

Tags (available as part of Ticket properties)

Tags can now be added directly in the panel above the initial customer description.

Due date widget (visible above Ticket properties on the right) 

The due date can now be edited from the panel above the initial customer description.

Source field (available as part of Ticket Properties)

The Source field will no longer be available in Ticket Properties.

Discuss pop-up (visible on highlighting ticket text)

The Discuss pop-up will now appear only when the Highlight mode is turned ON in Team Huddle. 

Include satisfaction survey (available as a checkbox in the Reply editor)

This will now be available as an icon at the bottom of the Reply editor.

Formatting options (available at the top of the Reply editor)

These will now be available on clicking the ‘A’ icon at the bottom of the Reply editor. 


Companies tab

The Companies tab will now be available as a view within the list of Contact views.

In addition to the above changes, the other sections in the helpdesk (Social, Solutions, Forums, Reports, Admin) have been recreated to suit the Freshdesk Mint experience.


  • Freshdesk Mint is currently being rolled out in phases and will be made available to all accounts, in the weeks to come. If you wish to have Mint enabled, contact your Customer Success Manager now.