Freshdesk provides a phone channel within helpdesk that is powered by Freshcaller.

To get started, go to Admin > Phone and click on the "Create a Freshcaller account" button. An account will be automatically created for you and linked to your Freshdesk account. 

Now, you can click on "Manager settings in Freshcaller" to get started on your free 14-day trial of Freshcaller and buy a phone number. For call rates for specific numbers, look up your numbers here

Once you purchase a number, you will see the phone widget inside Freshdesk, where you can make and receive calls. 


You can set up all your call center workflows in Freshcaller, and it will reflect in your phone widget in Freshdesk. You can also add agents to your Freshcaller account directly from Freshdesk by clicking on the 'Freshcaller Agent' toggle, provided you have agent licenses available in Freshcaller.