If you're an existing Freshdesk customer using live chat, please follow these instructions to migrate to Freshchat before the 30th of November 2018.

Steps to migrate from live chat to Freshchat:

  1. Sign up for a Freshchat account with the same email ID you use on Freshdesk.
  2. Add your team members on Freshchat with the same email ID they use in Freshdesk.
  3. Replace the live chat code snippet with the Freshchat code, to get Freshchat on your website. (Once integrated, Freshchat will be automatically available inside Freshdesk. The code snippet is to get Freshchat on your website, not inside your helpdesk.)
  4. Integrate Freshchat with Freshdesk to enable the following:

To get a complete demo of Freshchat, and to set up your account on the free Blossom plan* , contact support or your Customer Success Manager(CSM). You can also visit the Freshchat YouTube channel and take a look at some explainer videos.

When you reach out to your CSM or support, please provide the following details:

  • Your Freshdesk account URL on which you currently use live chat
  • Current number of agents in your Freshdesk account



  • All your existing Live Chat conversations must be converted to Freshdesk tickets. 

  • *Freshchat Blossom plan is free only for existing live chat users on Freshdesk who are on the Garden plan or above. 

  • The Blossom plan on Freshchat is only free for the same number of agents you currently have on your Freshdesk account.

For more information, checkout Live chat to Freshchat Migration FAQs.

Why Freshchat over Live Chat? 

  • Multi-channel messenger: Support visitors and customers on the website, mobile app, support portal, in-product, and Facebook Messenger. Bring all the conversations inside one team inbox. 

  • Focussed conversations: Categorise conversations into topic-based channels like Delivery, Feedback, Billing etc and route messages to team members skilled at handling those queries. 

  • Non-siloed FAQs: Bring your help center inside the messenger.

  • Context: Get your visitors enriched profile from Clearbit, access site navigation path, and pull information from any external app. 

  • Do more than supporting: Onboard, engage, and retain customers proactively with campaigns that trigger based on their behavior and other deeper attributes. 

  • Respond from within your helpdesk: Assign , respond to, and resolve conversations. Get all the context from within Freshdesk. 

Freshchat inside Freshdesk

Once integrated, Freshchat will be automatically available inside Freshdesk. 

Here's a quick look at Freshchat right inside Freshdesk. With Freshchat, you can multitask without switching between different tabs or screens. 


Freshchat blossom is available for free only if you satisfy BOTH the criteria below:
1. Signed up for Freshdesk Garden/Estate plan before December 2017
2. Accounts that have been actively using the live chat feature in Freshdesk

For other customers you can still avail the free Sprout plan on Freshchat which also supports the integration with Freshdesk.

Deprecated live chat features

Live chat features deprecated
Agent-to-Agent chat
Chat summary
Detailed reporting + dashboard on Freshchat
Available on Freshchat Estate plan


Terms and conditions for migration

For terms and conditions on migrating from live chat to Freshchat, click here.


1) Why should I move to Freshchat Blossom Plan?

Freshchat is a modern messaging product that offers a great experience for you and your customers on your website or in your app.

Freshchat on the Blossom plan offers the following benefits over Freshdesk’s live chat feature:

  • Persistent, continuous conversations with customers instead of sessions that time out

  • Modern experience for customers across web, mobile web, and mobile apps

  • Ability to restore conversations for logged in users

  • Patent pending “Messaging channels” feature that allows having parallel, topic based conversations with the customer

  • Ability for agents to handle any number of conversations in parallel

  • Asynchronous messaging - no more pressure on teams to respond instantly

  • Automatically set expectations with customers on how soon you will engage

  • Rich media support including image attachments and emojis

  • Integrated FAQ experience right in the chat widget

  • Flexible assignment rules to map conversations to the right group or agents

  • Mobile app for agents to respond on the go

  • Ability for supervisors to monitor live conversations

  • Collaborate on conversations through private notes

  • Smarter triggered messaging

  • Capture and View the full event timeline of the customer, including custom events

  • No more missed chats -> Respond to customers and the message is delivered as a browser notification or to their email id if they aren’t on your page anymore

  • Slack integration

  • GDPR Compliance

2) Will the live chat channel in Freshdesk be removed?

Yes. Starting April 2018, the live chat feature in Freshdesk will not be available to any customers who aren’t existing customers using it already. We will sunset the feature by 30th November, 2018 and give customers using the feature enough time to move to Freshchat.

3) Why should I pay for something I get for free now? 

We understand your concern. You will not need to pay EXTRA for the features you were already using in the live chat channel. Freshchat is an enhanced product with superior features. Only in cases where you want more features, you will need to upgrade plan. Refer (1) for what’s better on Freshchat Blossom