For WhatsApp Integration, integrate your business number with your Freshdesk account and support customers over WhatsApp. This app for Freshdesk enables you to convert your one-on-one conversations including images or GIFs on WhatsApp into tickets and handle them from your Freshdesk helpdesk with ease.

Note: Access to WhatsApp Business API is necessary for this integration. Please fill in this form if you wish to try this integration out. Feel free to write to if you require assistance in the approval process.

Once the approval is provided, you can install the app from the Freshdesk marketplace to integrate and convert your messages into tickets.

Quick guide to installing WhatsApp in your Freshdesk account:

  • Login to your Freshdesk account as an Administrator

  • Go to Admin > Apps > Get more apps > search for WhatsApp, click on it and hit the 'Install' button

  • Enter your: 

    • Freshdesk subdomain ( 

    • Freshdesk API key for authentication 

    • Set the required interval for responses to get threaded in a single ticket, and 

    • Add any required tags for all tickets coming in through this integration.  

  • Click on 'Save'

This will install the app on your Freshdesk account. 

For every incoming ticket, if the phone number is mapped to an existing contact inside Freshdesk, the ticket will be created with that contact as the requester. If the phone number is not present inside Freshdesk, a new contact will be created for this phone number.

Agents can use the 'Add Note' button to add a public note on the ticket in order to send out a response. 

The Freshdesk ticket ID for that conversation will be appended to the end of each response sent by the Agent, inside WhatsApp.

The source of these tickets will be set to 'Chat' and the tag you mentioned while installation of the app will be added to every ticket. You can use the tag to filter tickets, whenever necessary. 

Threading interval: By default, this is set to 24 hours. Any replies coming in after 24 hours will create a new ticket inside Freshdesk. This interval is configurable under app settings and can be extended up to 48 hours.


WhatsApp is available as an add on for Garden, Estate and Forest plans. 

Below is the pricing:

Add on - flat monthly fee (irrespective of number of agents)*49 49279939

*This pricing is applicable per number. As of now, you can only integrate one number with a Freshdesk account.

  • Currently, we do not support proactive messaging(i.e you would not be able to initiate a conversation with a contact) or responding after 24 hrs of the last customer message.

Note: The pricing may subject to vary in future when the feature is available to a wider set of businesses, and can also change if there are any changes from WhatsApp in their pricing.


  1. What happens when a customer adds the business WhatsApp number to a group and messages?
    Ans: Group conversations are not supported/possible with WhatsApp API. Tickets will not be created inside Freshdesk.
  2. What happens when a customer uses the ‘Reply-to’ option in WhatsApp?
    Ans: There will be no difference. These replies will come into Freshdesk as regular responses.

  3. What happens when a message is deleted in WhatsApp? Will it get deleted in Freshdesk too?
    Ans: Clearing the chat or deleting messages from inside WhatsApp will not affect the ticket conversation inside Freshdesk in any way.

  4. Are attachments supported?
    Incoming attachments from the requestor are supported but responding to the requestor with attachments is not supported

  5. Can I associate more than one WhatsApp number with a Freshdesk account? 
    Ans: As of now, one Freshdesk account can integrate with a single WhatsApp number.

If you have any questions, please write to