Installing the Capsule CRM app in your Freshdesk will enable you to access your Capsule CRM tickets and contact information from within Freshdesk. 

To integrate Freshdesk with Capsule CRM,

  • Login to your support portal. 
  • Go to Admin > Helpdesk Productivity > Apps. 
  • Click on "Get More Apps". Search for Capsule CRM  and click on it.
  • Click on Install to go to the app configuration page. 

  • Enter you widget name, domain name, API key and Dropbox mail address. You will also find instructions on where to find each of these.
  • When you are done, click Enable. 

You can also create a link-back from Capsule CRM to Freshdesk, instructions for which you will find in the Integrations help text.

To Create a Link in Capsule CRM to View a Contact's Tickets in Freshdesk

  • Login to your Capsule account.
  • Go to Settings > Custom Fields > People & Organization

  • Click on Add New and select Generated Link.

  • Fill in the Label and Link Definition as shown below:

  • Click Save.
This will enable you to view your contacts' tickets from your Capsule CRM account. 

You can choose to fetch the contact information from Capsule CRM for a particular ticket from the Ticket View page, as shown below: