Note: The help widget is being rolled out in batches. Click here to request early access for your account.

With the Freshdesk help widget, you can embed solution articles and/or a contact form within your website or product. When your customers need help, they can open the widget to search through solution articles or to submit a ticket. You can read more about setting up the help widget here.

When your customer visits your website, the help widget will show the most viewed solution articles from the categories that you've associated with the widget. You can also pick certain articles to show up on the widget and provide contextual help for customers, based on the web page (URL) they're currently viewing.

For example, you can show your solution articles about your payment options to your customers when they are on the payments page of your website. 

Here's how you can set this up.

  • Log into your support portal as an Admin.
  • Go to Admin > Support Channels > Widgets.

  • Enable solution articles.

  • You can select which categories of solution articles that you want to display on the help widget. By default, the widget will display the most viewed solution articles from these categories.

  • Now, you can go ahead and pick specific articles that should show up on the widget, based on the web page your customers are on. To do this, click on the Add URL button.

  • You can enter a URL (or a part of it) in the first field. For example, if your pricing page is you can add 'pricing' in the first field.
  • You can then search and choose up to five solution articles that are relevant to pages that have this keyword in the URL.

  • Click the Add button.

Whenever your customers land on a page with the URL that has the keyword you specified (pricing, in this case), the solution articles that you've handpicked will show up instead of the most viewed articles.

Something to remember:

  • If any article that you picked belongs to a folder that is restricted to certain customers, you need to have authenticated your customers into the help widget for those articles to show up. You can do this using the authenticate API.

  • While displaying solution articles, you can choose between a neutral approach and an approach that is optimized for deflection. When the widget loads in the webpages that have the specified keywords in the URL:
    • Only the first three articles that you've handpicked will load in the neutral mode.
    • All the five articles that you've handpicked will load in the optimize for deflection mode.