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The Magento integration enables you to access customer information from your Magento account - such as shipping addresses, invoices, and order info - in your Ticket Details view in Freshdesk.

  • This feature is currently not available on Freshdesk Mint.
  • Supported Magento versions are 1.7 to 1.9.3 (Community Edition).

You can link one instance of Magento to your helpdesk. Freshdesk will automatically fetch customer data from all the websites hosted on that one instance. Along with the customer’s details, Freshdesk will also show which shop the information is being retrieved from.

You can also view a customer's support history in your Magento account. Whenever you pull up a customer's order history in your admin panel, you can also view the issues they have raised and the feedback that they have shared. See The Magento app: Part 1 - Manage Magento customer requests using Freshdesk.


Installation Procedure

Only admins can install this app. You will need access to Admin panels of both Magento and Freshdesk. You can associate only one instance of Magento with a helpdesk. All websites hosted on the linked instance of Magento will be made available to Freshdesk.

On Magento

The installation procedure on the Magento side is divided into four parts.

Part 1

  1. In the Admin panel of Magento, go to System → Web Services → REST roles.
  2. Click on Add Admin Role.
  3. Add Role Name, Password.
  4. Go to “Role API resources”.
  5. Select Sales and Customer options. Make sure the parent folders are selected and click Save.

Part 2

  1. In the Magento Admin Panel, go to System → Webservices → REST attributes.
  2. Click Admin.
  3. Click “ACL Attribute Rules” → Select Sales and Customer options and click Save.

Part 3

  1. Go to System > Permission > User.
  2. Click on your username.
  3. Go to Rest Role, select the Admin Role you created in Part 1, and click Save.

Part 4

  1. Go to System > Webservices > OAuth.
  2. Select Add New > Add Name of the App.
  3. Copy Consumer Key and Consumer Secret to your clipboard.

On Freshdesk

  1. Go to the Admin panel in your helpdesk.
  2. Select Apps > Get More Apps > Magento and click Install.
  3. In the app configuration page, enter the Shop Name and URL.
  4. Paste the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret into the relevant fields and click Update.

Using the App in Freshdesk

This app aims to give support agents more context to the problems that requesters face and how to solve them.

By making purchase details and interaction history easily available, this app intends to empower agents to support customers more easily.

Magento allows you to have multiple websites hosted on any single instance of it. So, when a ticket comes into Freshdesk, the helpdesk matches the requester’s email ID to all websites on the linked Magento instance.

In the Ticket Details page, the following data will be retrieved from the websites in your linked Magento account:

  • All invoice numbers
  • purchase history
  • prices paid
  • websites purchased on
  • other relevant customer data that are associated with the requester’s email

Clicking on an invoice number will give you full details about the invoice including:
  • date of invoicing
  • items purchased
  • quantity
  • price paid
  • tax paid
  • total amount
Shipping addresses for purchases are also displayed along with other invoice details.


  1. I tried enabling the app and I keep landing on the “Something went wrong” page. Why?
    Please check and re-enter the Consumer Key and Secret that you’ve entered on the app configuration page.

  2. After successfully installing the app, when we go to the ticket details page and view the Magento widget it says, "Unknown error. Try after some time".
    If step 3 in the "Installation Procedure" is skipped then this error will be observed.

  3. After successfully installing the app, when we go to the ticket details page and view the Magento widget it says,"Token invalid. Reinstall applications"
    This may happen in the following cases:
    • The admin has revoked access to the Freshdesk Magento Application.
    • Access to API has not been enabled on the Magento server. Enable API for Magento.

  4. After successfully installing the app, when we go to the ticket details page and view the Magento widget a pop-up appears that says, "Unknown server error. Please contact support@freshdesk.com."
    Access to API has not been enabled on the Magento server. Enable API for Magento.
  5. How does Freshdesk retrieve customer data from my Magento instance?
    Freshdesk only makes use of the requester's email to find details. Whatever relevant data is obtained from a matching ID in Magento is presented in the sidebar.

  6. I have multiple websites hosted on my Magento instance. Some of my customers repeat across all websites. How does Freshdesk deal with this?
    Freshdesk retrieves all data that matches the requester’s email.  If the requester has multiple interactions and invoices across websites, the app will specify the corresponding website right next to the relevant invoice.