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Support agents who have a personal relationship with customers may receive many emails from them in their agent mailboxes. In such cases, you, as an agent might want to keep track of such customer emails in your Freshdesk account. To achieve this, forward these emails from your agent mailbox to the support email address integrated with your Freshdesk account (under Admin > Channels > Emails) and create tickets. These tickets will have the original sender's email as the requester of the ticket instead of the person who forwarded the email (the agent).

You can customize this behavior and modify the respective setting by following the steps below:

  1. Log in as an Administrator 
  2. Go to Admin > Channels > Email > Advanced settings.
  3. Disable the For forwarded emails, use original sender as requester option if required.

Note: The option is enabled by default. You can switch it on or off based on your use-case

Note: For the feature to work as expected, please make sure the forwarded email matches the following -

1.The email has to be forwarded only by an agent from their mailbox. This will not work if the email was forwarded from any other mailbox or user. 

2.We support this feature only for emails in the following languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish.