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The standard actions of “Reply”, “Forward” and “Add Note” can be executed. 

Reply to a ticket: eBay restricts all responses to a 2000-character limit. So any responses to an eBay ticket will have to be less than 2000 characters. You can insert solution article links as responses to your eBay tickets. You can attach a total of 5 files equalling 7 MB in size. This is a restriction imposed by eBay. You cannot use online storage service integrations like Box or Dropbox to attach files to your response, canned or otherwise. You also cannot insert rich text or images since eBay only allows text responses.

Canned Responses: You can also respond to eBay tickets using Canned Responses from Freshdesk. However, these canned responses cannot have new-line formatting, rich text or images in them. If your canned response has a file attached to it, only the text part of the canned response will be sent to the buyer and the attached file will be stripped from the response.

Forward a ticket: You can forward an eBay ticket to any email id. However, any responses to that forwarded ticket will only be created as a new ticket and it will not be part of the threaded conversation in the original ticket.

Add Note to a ticket:
 You can add private or public notes to a ticket.

Agent Collision Detection: Your agents also need not worry about sending multiple responses to the same question since “Collision Detection” is fully supported. If more than one agent is tackling an eCommerce ticket on your helpdesk, there will be an indicator in the top-left corner of the helpdesk. 

Ticket Watchers: You can assign some agents to be watchers to an eCommerce ticket the same way as other helpdesk tickets.