We have recently refreshed our branding across our offerings and changed the names of our pricing plans. If you have signed up before Aug 9, 2021, please click Previous plans to view your applicable plans.
We assure you that this change will not impact your product experience, and no action is required on your part.

Note: The per-minute rate limiting is being rolled out in batches.

The number of API calls you can make is based on your plan. This limit is applied to your account irrespective of the number of agents you have or IP addresses used to make the calls. 

We're currently moving all Freshdesk accounts from a per-hour limit to a per-minute limit. In this article, we'll give you details on both. 

Call limits per minute


     Calls per minute 
Maximum limit per endpoint



Ticket Create - 80
Ticket Update - 80
Tickets List - 20
Contacts List - 20

Ticket Create - 160
Ticket Update - 160
Tickets List - 100
Contacts List - 100

Ticket Create - 280
Ticket Update - 280
Tickets List - 200
Contacts List - 200

For more details, visit our developer portal.

If you are looking to increase your API limit, or move to the per-minute limiting, please drop an email to support@freshdesk.com with details on your use-case and we'll help you sort this out.

Please note: For every trial period the API limit is 50 per minute.