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Customer Segments lets you provide personalized support for different customers in your Freshdesk by helping you classify users based on their support needs. You can categorize your contacts/companies based on their subscription plan, region/location of the customer or the type of customers they are, their industry, etc.

Quite similar to the custom ticket list views in Freshdesk, you can apply the required filters in the Contacts or Companies list page and save the corresponding list as a segment. You can then use these segments in your automation rules (Rules that run on ticket creation and ticket updates) to perform specific actions automatically, based on your requirements.

Note: Only Admins can create or edit Customer Segments in your Freshdesk account. The created segments will be visible to all agents on Freshdesk. Only 20 segments can be created per account.

A quick guide in creating Customer Segments:

  • Login to your Freshdesk account as an Administrator

  • Navigation:

    • For Freshdesk, click the Customers icon from the left panel and choose Contacts (or Companies).

    • For Customer Service Suite, from the left menu, click Contacts and Accounts > Segments, and then click Segments from the left menu and then click Manage ticket segments.

  • Set the required filters under the Filters panel on the right and click ‘Apply

    • Note: You can only filter by the following custom customer fields, apart from the available fields in the filter panel:

      • Checkboxes

      • Number fields and 

      • Dropdown fields

  • Once the filters are applied, click the ‘Save customer segment as’ tick mark, give your segment a suitable name and save the segment

  • You can access all the saved Customer Segments by clicking the hamburger menu in the Contacts/Companies list page

  • You can also edit the filters, if required, to modify and save the view 

  • The ‘Edit’ button, represented by a pencil icon, near the name of the saved segment will let you rename the segment whenever required

Once you set it up, you can access these lists with just one click when you want to fetch a list of specific customers.

You will be able to navigate up to 10 pages in a customer segment. Every page will list a default of 30 contacts/companies. If there are more contacts/companies in the segment, you can perform an export to view the entire list in that customer segment. 

A quick guide to using Customer Segments in the knowledge base:

You can also make specific knowledge base folders visible to the relevant customer segments. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Create the required customer segment using the relevant filters.
  • Once the customer segment has been saved, go to the Solutions tab and click on Manage.
  • Create a new folder by clicking on New folder drop-down.
  • In the New folder popup, click on the Visible to drop-down and select Contact/Company segment.
  • Based on your selection, a new drop-down appears which displays the list of Contact/Company segments.
  • Click Save.

  • If you are looking to change the visibility of an existing folder, hover over the folder and click on the Editbutton

  • In the Edit folder popup, follow the steps given above after the New folder popup appears
  • You can also bulk select

A quick guide to using Customer Segments in ticket automation:

You can automate workflows for tickets that are from a specific customer or company segment. You can create rules that run on ticket creation or ticket updates based on the segment as a condition

  • Log in as an Administrator.

  • Go to Admin > Automations. 
    On Customer Service Suite, go to Admin > Configuration and Workflows > Ticket Automations.

  • Choose either the ‘Contact’ or ‘Company’ option under Conditions

  • Choose ‘Requester Segment’ from the dropdown (for ‘Companies’, you will find the option ‘Company Segment’) and set up your condition for the rule by specifying the required customer segment

  • You can then set up the required Action block for this condition
  • Once you’re done, click ‘Save