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Sometimes you may face issues with emails reaching your support email but not creating tickets in your helpdesk. We have broadly classified this further into:

  1. Issue: Specific emails are not converted into tickets
  2. Issue: All emails are not converted into tickets

Issue: Specific emails are not converted into tickets 

If only certain emails are not generated as tickets in your helpdesk, there are a few checks to be done as below:

1. Check if tickets are landing in the Spam/Trash folder 

Check if tickets are landing in the spam/trash folder of your Freshdesk account. Navigate to the tickets list view page and check your spam/trash folder by selecting the Ticket Views icon.

           If the ticket is found in the spam/trash folder, please restore the ticket by clicking 'Not spam', and

  • Check if the associated contact has been deleted

    To check if the contact associated with the ticket is deleted, click the contact name under the Contacts details section of the ticket details page. Once you are on the contacts page, check if the contact is deleted or not. A deleted contact will only have two options in their profile, either to restore or permanently delete that deleted contact.

If the contact associated with the ticket is deleted, tickets raised by them will be automatically marked as spam. To avoid such issues, restore the deleted contact, and this should help.

  • Check if automation rules cause tickets to be marked as spam

    It is necessary to check if any automation rule has marked the ticket as spam as sometimes rules can cause tickets to be marked as spam automatically.

    Restore the affected ticket, and click on the show activities to check if an automation rule has been applied to a ticket. The activities show all the rules that have been executed on that ticket. Check if any rules cause tickets to land in the Spam folder and modify or delete them appropriately.

  • If the agent manually marked the ticket as spam

    Restore the affected ticket, and click Show activities of the ticket to check if any agent activity marked the ticket as spam.

2. Check Helpdesk Restrictions

Check if the Helpdesk Restrictions feature is enabled. Navigate to Admin > Account > Helpdesk Settings and see if there are any specific email domains (from which emails were sent) not added under the restriction section, and whitelist them if applicable.

3. Check if email forwarding is intact

Send a test email using a different email address to the long forwarding address (available under Admin > Channels > Email > Specific support email > Edit) and the support email address as seen in your product.

The long forwarding address would look like: yourcompanyfreshdeskcomsupport@yourcompany.freshdesk.com while your support address would look like this: support@yourcompany.com.

  • A ticket is created when the email is sent to: yourcompanyfreshdeskcomsupport@yourcompany.freshdesk.com and support@yourcompany.com - No known issues.
  • A ticket is not created when the email is sent to: yourcompanyfreshdeskcomsupport@yourcompany.freshdesk.com - There seems to be an issue with forwarding, please report it to our support team.
  • A ticket is created when the email is sent to: yourcompanyfreshdeskcomsupport@yourcompany.freshdesk.com, but not created when sent to: support@yourcompany.com - There seems to be an issue with your mailbox, please reach out to your IT team to check on the email forwarding rules and settings.

Note: Freshdesk automatically moves tickets to the spam folder if inappropriate content or a sudden surge in incoming emails is detected. If you think this affects valid tickets, please contact support@freshdesk.com for further investigation along with email headers details.

Issue: All emails are not converted into tickets

Follow these instructions if all emails are not getting converted into tickets. If the issue only affects individual emails, please contact support@freshdesk.com.

  • If the Custom mailbox (youremail@yourdomain.com) disconnected
    In case you have set up a custom mailbox for incoming (IMAP), your mailbox may be disconnected. Reauthorizing your mailbox may resolve the issue. Please note that the emails in your inbox in the past 24-hour window will only be created as tickets after successful authentication.

    Check if IMAP is enabled in your support mailbox. If you are unsure of how to enable IMAP, kindly check with your IT/Email team and they should be able to help. Enabling IMAP should stop the issue from occurring.

    Check for Session Timeouts. There are session timeouts/authentication token expiry for Microsoft-based mail servers that can cause temporary email disconnection and during this time, the emails will not be created as tickets. Kindly reach out to your administrator/IT team and reauthorize your custom mailbox to help fix the issue.

  • Issues with the default mail server provided by Freshdesk (youremail@companyname.freshdesk.com)

    Please verify if email forwarding has been set up correctly in your support mailbox. You can check the respective forwarding address for your support email under Admin > Channels > Email > Specific support email - Edit. Email forwarding rule setup varies from one email service provider to another. Refer to these articles to set up forwarding using Gmail or Microsoft Office 365.

  • If the From and To email of the email is the same, Freshdesk will not convert such emails as tickets to avoid looping of emails within the helpdesk. The same applies if the 'Reply-to' and 'To' addresses are the same. This is considered as the product behavior. 

If the issue is not resolved, kindly reach out to support@freshdesk.com and share email headers of sample emails that did not get converted as tickets to troubleshoot this accordingly.