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Managing field employees and service tasks

Once a service task is created, the field technician to whom the service task is assigned will receive a notification on the Freshdesk mobile app. Field service representatives can view the list of service tasks assigned to them or your service groups, on logging in. The service tasks are sorted by appointment times. 

Searching for service tasks

Field technicians can search for service tasks on their mobile app by clicking on the search icon. They can search using keywords, contact names, or service task IDs.

Viewing service tasks

Once a field technician logs in, all open service tasks appear in a list view. Service tasks can be filtered by status in the list view. All notifications can be viewed by clicking on the ‘bell’ icon on the top header. The ‘Account’ icon in the top right corner allow management of ticket notifications, contacting support and signing out of the mobile app.


Field technicians can switch between multiple service task views. When field technicians open the app, they see the 'My tasks' view with filter options. They can select pre-set filters like 'Unassigned service tasks' or 'Service tasks starting today' from the dropdown by clicking on an arrow next to the view name on the top.

  • While viewing service tasks, the status and date filters will be available only on the 'All service tasks' view and not in any other view.
  • Apart from default views, any custom view created by the admin for service tasks will be visible in the dropdown filter.
  • Field technicians cannot access any other view in offline mode apart from ‘All service tasks’.


Service task operations

Assign tasks

Field technicians can see the service task list under any view selected by them. The selected view displays the task details like contact, description, date, and status (open, closed, pending). Field technicians can assign a service task to themselves if it is assigned to their group but not assigned to any specific field technician. Unassigned tasks can be picked-up by clicking on the ‘Pickup’ button on a particular service task.

Locating the customer

Once a service task is opened, you can view the reported issue and act on it. The blue colored locate icon will help navigate to the customer site using google maps or any other map application.



Calling the customer

Once the service task is opened, the green colored call icon will help you call the customer to clarify the problem, confirm availability or ask for directions.


Responding to, and updating the service task

To respond to a service task, click on the floating action button at the bottom of the screen. 


Clicking on ‘Update status’ will let you change the status of the ticket. Clicking on ‘Message support’ will allow you to respond to the helpdesk agent with details about the issue. While responding to a service task, field technicians can attach images to the response.



In the Mobile App, navigate to Settings > Ticket Notifications. Here, you can manage the push notifications you would like to receive, by Turning On/Off the listed options.

You can manage notifications for the following activities:

  • Status update on a service task

  • Service task assigned  

  • New reply on a service task

Freshdesk on the web for Field Technicians 

Field technicians can also log on to the web version of Freshdesk. However, due to their role, their access to the Freshdesk solution will be very restricted. 

Any field technician logging on to the web version of Freshdesk will be able to access the following:

  • A dashboard that shows their performance metrics such as
    • Number of unresolved service tasks
    • Number of overdue tasks
    • Number of tasks due today
    • Number of tasks open  
    • Number of tasks on hold    
    • A to-do widget where they can easily add and keep track of tasks to do
    • A Leaderboard showcasing high performing field technicians and
    • Current customer satisfaction ratings
  • The list of Service Tasks assigned to them with a view of their statuses, appointment details, and individual task details
  • Solution articles published on your support portal
  • Canned Responses to make it easier to provide status updates to helpdesk agents and 
  • Scenario Automations in case your field technicians want to automate some aspects of their daily tasks. 

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