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When you solve customer issues as a field service provider, it is always a good practice to get sign off from the customer before resolving service tasks and closing their ticket. This ensures validation from customers regarding the quality of service provided and enforces better accountability from field teams. Some issues are complicated enough that you may want a customer’s authorization before proceeding further.  

To enable you to deliver these services and document the work done, the “Customer Signature” feature is now available on Freshdesk iOS and Android apps. It enables field technicians to obtain customer signatures and attach it to service tasks.

If you wish to record a customer’s signature (on both iOS and Android apps) follow these steps  

  • Select the service task for which you wish to record a signature

  • On the service task details page, click on the “Edit” icon on the top right 

  • Select “Add Signature” in the Edit Task window

  • The customer can sign in the pop-up whiteboard that appears.

  • Once the signature is captured, click upload

  • The “Clear” option on the top right clears the whiteboard so you can obtain a new signature if necessary.

  • Once the customer’s signature is uploaded, click on “Update

The recorded signature will be uploaded as a JPG image to the helpdesk and can be viewed any time by clicking on the Edit icon again from the mobile app.

Helpdesk agents and admins working on the web version of Freshdesk will be able to view attached customer signatures from the “Properties” pane of a service task.

Clicking on the "Signature" tab will allow you to view the attached image. You also have the option of downloading the signature as well as deleting a previously recorded signature from the service task. 

To check if the “Customer Signature” feature has been enabled for your Freshdesk, go to Settings → Ticket Fields → Scroll down to Type and under the “Service Tasks” section, make sure the "Customer Signature" field highlighted below exists. 


Note: If you’d like this feature enabled for your account or have customer signature made a mandatory field for your support, please reach out to support@freshdesk.com.