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The Assist bot builder lets you build a bot without the need for custom development. It is as easy as connecting a few dots with numbers. 


A quick guide to building a simple Assist bot:

  • Login to your Freshdesk account as an Admin

  • Go to Admin > Agent Productivity > Assist bot under the Freddy section

  • You will find all the bots configured in your account as a list

  • Click on ‘New Bot

  • Give your bot a name and description

  • You will find the default flows: Hello, Welcome, Sorry and Top Menu in the bot page

  • You can set up new flows by clicking on the + icon on the right pane or edit the existing flows by clicking on them

  • On the bot flow page, you can configure the required messages or questions to be displayed to your agents for every dialog, under the ‘Message or Question’ tab

  • Use the ‘Get user input’ toggle to define input values (buttons, text field, carousel, etc) that your agents can click on to submit as answers to that question

  • Under the ‘Actions’ tab, you can set up events: Trigger API, Add attribute, Make the bot inactive or Start a new conversation

  • All the dialogs created are executed subsequently, unless a condition, under the ‘Conditions & Path’ tab is configured to redirect the agent to a different flow or a dialog

  • The ‘Preview’ option allows you to preview the Assist bot to verify the configuration you’ve created

  • Once your bot is set up, click on the ‘Group Mapping’ icon on the right pane, to map it to the required agent-groups in Freshdesk
    For example, map the billing assist bot to the ‘Billing’ group in Freshdesk

  • The agents in the group will be able to trigger this Assist bot from the Freshconnect widget