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The Offline Availability feature for Field Service Management ensures that your field technicians can still access crucial information such as their tasks, task details, and service location from the Freshdesk mobile app even when they do not have network connectivity.

Note: The Offline Availability feature is currently available only for field technicians to access service tasks and field-service related information.

What is accessible when field technicians are offline?

When the phone is not connected to the internet, field technicians will see a small black bar at the bottom of their screens saying “You’re offline”.

With FSM’s offline capabilities, field technicians can

  • Access up to 100 unresolved service tasks assigned to them or available for them to pick up and work on next.

  • Access all relevant details for these service tasks such as 

    • The customer’s name 

    • Service task information with a full description 

    • The start and end date and time of the appointment

    • The service location

    • Status of the service task

  • Click on the ‘Locate’ or ‘Call’ buttons to pull up their preferred navigation app or phone dialer. 

  • Use date and status filters to keep an eye on the schedule and list of service tasks due for any date. 

What is unavailable when field technicians are offline?

If field technicians have no mobile connectivity, there are some restrictions on how they can use the app.

  • Field technicians cannot log in or log out. 

  • They cannot respond, edit properties, view custom properties, track time, or capture signatures.

  • No push notifications will be received

  • They cannot view task attachments or upload new ones.

  • Search will be disabled since we cannot provide up-to-date results from your Freshdesk account.

  • Conversation threads and private notes on service tasks will not be available.   


When internet connectivity is re-established, a banner saying “You’re connected. Pull down to refresh” will be visible at the bottom of the app.

Note: If field technicians log out of the Freshdesk app, all locally saved data will be deleted.