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Service Task forms can be used by your support agents to create new service tasks if a particular customer ticket requires field team response. It is accessible by clicking on “Create new service task” in the right-hand sidebar on your Ticket Details page or by clicking on the + Service Task button in the top action bar in the Ticket Details page.

This service task form enables helpdesk agents to collate and share information that field teams might need in a structured manner. This form can be tailored to fit your support workflow by adding custom fields. 

We strongly recommend that you spend time customizing the service task form to fit your business needs since it has the following advantages: 

  • Your agents can ask appropriate questions and capture the necessary data upon initial contact with the customer so there is no need for them to repeat themselves to your support representatives. 
  • Information is more readily available, eliminating time-consuming back and forth between your helpdesk and field teams.
  • You can make use of these custom fields to set up automation rules in Freshdesk as well to simplify your support workflows.
  • Customizing your service task form to capture data points specific to your business will enable field technicians to capture in-depth information when responding to cases. These can be tracked using reports in Freshdesk Analytics so you have a clear view of the status of your support and a better understanding of the issues faced by your teams in the field.

When you enable Field Service Management, a default service task form is automatically set up for you with certain fields.

What are the default service task fields in Freshdesk Field Service Management?
There are some fields that will be added by default and are part of every service task that you create. These default fields cannot be deleted

Default Fields

What do they mean?

Contact Info


The name of the customer or service requester

Phone Number*

The phone number of the service requester which field technicians can use to contact them

Service Location*

The address where field service is required or where field technicians should travel to in order to deliver field support.

Service Info


The task subject helps agents and field technicians get a quick context. Proper subject lines can help you set up intuitive automations. 


A detailed description of the customer’s problem or service request. 

Appointment Info

Appointment Start Time

The date and time at which the service appointment is supposed to begin

Appointment End Time

The date and time at which the service appointment is supposed to end

Service Group

The group assigned to solve a particular service task. 

Field Technician

The name of the field technician assigned to solve a particular service task



Shows whether a service task is Urgent, High, Medium, or Low in priority. 


Shows the current status of the service task. You cannot edit default statuses however, you can create new task statuses to suit your business requirements. 

Customer Signature

Field technicians can get the customer’s sign-off and attach it to the service task here.

Note: Fields marked with * indicate that they must be mandatorily filled at the time of service task creation. Details such as appointment time, appointment date, or field technician can be set post-task-creation by using the Scheduling Dashboard.

How can I customize my service task form with custom fields and properties?

  • Ensure you have enabled Field Service Management for Freshdesk

  • Go to Admin > Workflows > Ticket Fields under General Settings

  • You will have a new section of fields called “Service Tasks” Under All Fields → Type

  • Here you can see the list of fields in your service task form by default.  

  • Drag and drop the new fields you want into the “Service Task” section to customize your service task form.

What are the custom field types available?

Custom field type

Example use-cases

Single line or multiline text

Additional instructions descriptions, addresses, notes.


Warranty, Agreements.


Order ID, Phone number, etc.


Quantity, Size, Type of service, etc.


Purchase date, complaint date, etc.



Dependent Fields

Product Line - Product Type - Model

Note: Dependent fields are extremely helpful when you need to offer customers up to three levels of options to choose from. For example, if you provide TV repair services, you can share information such as “TV → Plasma → Zony Pravia 50-inch” or “TV → CRT → Ell Gee 32-inch”  via the service task. You can learn more about it in our solution article here.