These automation rules run on every new service task created and performs actions based on predefined conditions. These rules let you automate actions such as:

  • Assigning service tasks to specific service groups or field technicians

  • Setting service task properties such as priority, status, and type

  • Triggering email notifications to field technicians and service groups

  • Managing any custom properties you’ve created for service tasks based on your business needs

Note: If you wish to automatically create service tasks for tickets with certain properties, refer here

A quick guide for creating an automation rule to run on service task creation:

  • Log into your Freshdesk account as an Administrator.

  • Go to Admin → Automations.

  • Select Service Tasks

  • Click on New Rule from the Service Task Creation tab.

  • Give your rule a name.

  • Set up Conditions which act as a trigger for this particular rule.

    • Select the field you want from the dropdown list.

    • Specify whether ALL conditions need to be matched to trigger the rule, or just one condition needs to be matched (ANY).

    • Add multiple conditions by clicking the Add new condition button and click on the Trash icon to remove the condition.

  • Based on your use-case, make use of the AND/OR operators on service tasks matching:

    • Any of the conditions

    • All of the conditions

    • All conditions in block 1 AND any from condition block 2

    • All conditions in block 1 OR any from condition block 2

    • Any condition in block 1 OR all from condition block 2

    • Any condition in block 1 AND all from condition block 2

  • Configure the actions to be executed on the service task once the conditions you set are met.

    • Example: A new service task is created. If the service task has a “Device” field with the value “TV” in it, automatically assign the service task to the service group “TV Repair”

    • You can add multiple actions using the “Add new action”. Click on the Trash icon to remove the action. 

  • Once you've finished setting up all the conditions and actions, click Preview and Save.

  • For every rule you create, a summary will be auto-generated when the rule is set up. This will be the description of that rule. 

  • Click on 'Save and Enable' to save and activate this rule on your helpdesk.