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If certain tickets always need a child ticket to be created, or if you need a create a new child ticket after an existing child ticket is updated, you can use an automation rule to create one automatically using a webhook. 

In this article, we'll give you details on the webhook format to create a child ticket. For details on how to automate parent-child ticketing workflows, head to this article. 

Webhook format

You can customize the content further, and include the properties that the child ticket needs to inherit. 

         "description": "Child ticket for {{ticket.parent_ticket_id}}",
         "subject": "Child Ticket for {{ticket.parent_ticket_id}}",
          "email": "{{ticket.contact.email}}" ,
          "parent_id": {{ticket.parent_ticket_id}},
          "priority": 1,
          "status": 2

Here's the link to our API documentation. For more details on webhooks, head to this article.