We are happy to announce that your admin console has been significantly refreshed to help you get the best out of your Freshdesk.

Previously, you would have had to search, scroll or try many features in the admin console to identify those that would be useful. You can overcome the past limitations with the new refresh since you will be able to:

AI-driven usage insights

This helps admins narrow down the features they need to configure to improve their rating instead of trying to learn and configure all of them without a clear end goal.

A quick guide to understanding the insights

  • In the example image below, you can see that the insights are made of two parts. The curve on the left shows you how you rank compared to hundreds of businesses with similar usage patterns identified using AI. 
  • The ranking is based on an overall score assigned to your Freshdesk account based on how well you have used key Freshdesk features (like knowledge base articles, canned response, etc.)
  • On the right, we suggest the 3 lowest ranking features for you to focus on to improve your ranking. Your current usage count of each feature is shown on a scale that also displays the usage count of top-performing accounts in your segment.
  • The green segment under each suggested feature in the image represents the benchmark

You can interpret the insights given in the example image as follows:


Ticket fields8>20
Canned response13>20
SurveysNot setupSetup

Note: Available from the Blossom plan

Easy navigation 

The admin page layout is split into two panes to enable you to navigate to features without scrolling through the whole page. 

The admin navigation pane lists the categories that consist of all the Freshdesk features available for your plan. You can click on the required category to directly jump to the relevant section on the configuration pane, which shows the features available under the selected category.

Once you access a feature, you will notice a new category on the left pane called Recent. It shows all the features you visited recently so that you don’t have to spend time and effort trying to recall them. The recent section shows a maximum of 9 recently-visited features at a time and gets updated in real-time.

Note: Available from the Sprout plan.

Context at a glance 

As soon as you configure a feature under a specific category, you will notice a next to it. You will also see a counter next to the category that shows the total number of features you’ve set up in that category.

In the image shown below, you will notice that Email notifications is the only feature configured under the Workflows category. The counter next to Workflows also shows that 1 of 9 features has been configured under that category.

You can also use the short descriptions under each category and feature to get a quick understanding of how relevant a specific feature is to your requirements.

Note: Available from the Sprout plan.