Your helpdesk URL is the Freshdesk address or subdomain that your admins and agents will use to log in to your Freshdesk account. Your customers will also use it to access your self-service portal. E.g., 

Note: To learn more about customer portal customization, click here.

How to change your Freshdesk URL

You can change your helpdesk URL up to two times:

  1. The first option is to customize your helpdesk URL as soon as you sign up.

Here, is an auto-generated URL. You can change it to an address of your preference. This will make it easier for your team as well as your customers to remember it. For example, 

  1. If you missed changing your URL after signing up, you can always change it from your Admin Settings (one change allowed). To access this, go to your Admin Settings, navigate to Helpdesk, and click on Manage address. To reiterate, if you have skipped the URL customization after signup, you can customize your URL only once from this page.

What else will be affected if you change your Freshdesk address

Please keep the following things in mind while changing your Freshdesk address:

  • The "Forwarded to" Address under Admin > Email will automatically be updated once the URL is changed. This has to be manually copied and configured in the Support Mailbox for Email-Ticket Conversion.

  • The old ticket URL to check the status of the ticket in your replies and in the email notifications will not work moving forward. An error message saying "We couldn’t find that helpdesk" will be prompted upon accessing the link.

  • The links to Solution Articles/Forums sent before the change to the customers will not work anymore. The updated link for the same has to be provided to the customers post the URL change.

  • If you had configured Webhooks using the Automation, you must update the callback URL in the respective automation rule, for it to work.

  • If there is any third-party app integration that requires Freshdesk URL/domain to be specified at the time of integration, do update this as well. (For e.g., Freshdesk - SugarCRM Integration).

  • If you have set up a CNAME record, the CNAME pointed to Freshdesk URL will be automatically updated once the URL is changed. Hence the new Freshdesk URL need not be updated in the DNS records once again. 

  • The Feedback widget code placed on any website or business application should be modified with the new code once the URL is updated.

  • If you have integrated Freshchat and Freshdesk Contact Center, they have to be updated with the new Freshdesk Support Desk URL as well.

  • As soon as the URL is changed, the agents who have logged in will automatically be prompted with an error message saying "We couldn’t find the URL". To log in again, they can use the new URL.