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Threads enable Freshdesk agents to have focused discussions around a specific topic inside the ticket on a chat-like interface without clogging up the main conversation pane. You can create threads on Private notes, Forward emails, or start a Discussion Thread to collaborate on a ticket. 

You can use threads to loop in fellow agents and other stakeholders (using Collaborators - available on Pro and Enterprise plans) to invite them into the conversation and collaborate contextually to resolve tickets faster. 

Whenever you need to forward a Ticket/Response/Private Note to an external stakeholder, the subsequent responses will be captured without polluting the main conversation pane and organized as Forward Threads. 

Creating a forward thread

  • Click the ‘+ Threads’ icon on the ticket screen and select ‘Forward this ticket.’
  • You can also use the ‘Forward’ button, and on the slider pane that appears, enter the recipient’s email address. 
  • Click on the Forward button to forward the entire ticket. Hover over the message and click the Forward icon to forward a specific customer/agent response or a private note. 

  • You can also forward a specific agent/customer reply by hovering over it and clicking Forward. 
  • You can change/edit the subject line for each of the forward threads you initiate.

Note: Agents can forward a Ticket, Private Note, or an agent/customer response, only if they have access permissions for forwarding. Agents without permissions can view the forward thread.

  • You can type in any additional message or use rich text formatting to highlight, bullet, and style your message  
  • You can also use the expand option that spotlights the editor when you forward a conversation or reply to a Thread.

  • You can configure email signatures in your profile settings that will reflect on each forward thread you initiate. 

Modifying the sorting order of Thread conversations: 

You can decide how Threads are arranged within the ticket. Choose between "Date created" or "Last updated" to pick how you want the threads to appear in the Threads panel.

To modify the sorting of Thread conversations for both ticket replies and thread conversations, 

  • Click on the profile icon in the top right corner and select Profile Settings. (as marked on the above screenshot)
  • Click on the 'Sort conversations' dropdown to modify the sorting order of conversations.

Please note that modifying the sorting order of Thread conversations will also modify the sorting order of your ticket replies. 

Quoted text: While drafting a forward message, you can see three dots at the bottom of the text editor containing the quoted text. When you forward a thread to an external recipient, you can select the message you want to quote in your email.  

  • You can also dock the Threads window by clicking on the minimize button on the top right; your messages on the editor will be saved as a draft.  

Secondary view: Users can switch to a secondary display mode that expands the entire threads panel thus increasing the content readability and better reply formation. 

Forward Threads: limitations on quoted text:

  1. Your quoted Conversations and Threads can size up to 1 MB. This limit only includes the size of the quoted text and excludes all attachments.
  2. Attachments up to 20 MB can be sent to an external recipient.
    1. You can choose CC or BCC email IDs and click the Attachment icon to add attachments. A dialog box lets you browse through and choose the file. Click on Open to select and attach the appropriate file. 
    2. Click the Forward button on the bottom right to send it to the recipient to create a Forward Thread. 

  • Subsequent replies from the recipient would be added as forward threads in the ticket. You can further respond to these third-party replies and continue the conversation in the ticket thread.

You can get an overview of all the Threads on a ticket by clicking on the Threads button. If your forward email is not delivered due to network issues or an incorrect email ID, the forward thread will show an error message in red, showing that the email has not been delivered. You can review this message to address the issue.

Please note the following limitations for a Thread:

  1. Maximum number of threads you can add on a ticket - 100
  2. Maximum number of threads you can add on an anchor (An anchor means any message in the ticket - agent reply, customer reply, private note, public note) - 5
  3. Maximum number of messages you can add to a specific thread (can be a Private/Forward/Discussion Thread) - 400
  4. Maximum number of recipients in the ‘To,’ ‘CC’, and ‘BCC’ fields - 50

Forward threads are also supported on the Freshdesk iOs and Android mobile apps. Read this article to learn more.

Configuring automation rules on Forward Threads: 

You can configure automation rules to create and update Forward Threads on your tickets. 

  • Go to Admin and select Automations under Workflows.

  • Select Tickets and then click on Ticket updates
  • Click on New rule and give your rule a name
  • Set up conditions that act as a trigger for this particular rule
  • Under 'Involves any of these events' you can select between 'Thread is created' or 'Thread is updated'
  • Now select the type of Thread you need to perform the automation. Select 'Forward'.
  • You can toggle the 'Specific condition' and add specific attributes like To/CC/BCC.  

  • Add other events if required. Once done, Select the different ticket properties. 
  • Now, configure the actions to be executed on the ticket once the conditions you set are met. 
  • If you'd like to send a notification email of an escalation, you can use placeholders to help frame the content.
  • Once you've set up all the conditions and actions, click on Preview and Save. 
  • For every rule you create, a summary will be auto-generated while the rule is being set up. This will be the description for that rule and can be edited.
  • Click 'Save and Enable' to save and enable this rule on your Freshdesk.

To learn more about Configuring automation on Threads, refer to this article

To learn more about Automations in Freshdesk, refer to this article.

Notifications on Forward Threads: 

Auto Refresh - Whenever there is an update on a specific Ticket or Thread, the ticket will move up the ticket list and appear at the top. The assigned agent, Watchers, and other agents in the thread will get notified via

  • The bell icon on the top right shows a red dot for new notifications
  • The ‘Update’ button appears on the tickets screen notifying the agent of the number of updates
  • On the Ticket details page, you can click the Threads button on the top right to find a red dot that will notify any newly updated thread. 
  • Email notification

Using Search bar for Threads: 

You can search for particular thread messages along with searching for tickets. You can use the search bar on the top right corner to search for specific messages on any thread, tickets, contacts, solution articles, etc. 

You can click the settings icon on the Search bar to further filter your search for messages on Threads by only enabling the 'Notes & replies' toggle.  

Thread Activity logs: 

You can click on ‘Show Activities’ in the top right of a ticket to view the log of activities, including whenever a Thread is created/updated by an agent.  

Please reach out to support@freshdesk.com if you have any queries.