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Agents can invite stakeholders into a ticket and collaborate on complex issues/topics using Threads from their Freshdesk iOS and Android Apps. To experience Threads on your Freshdesk mobile app, please ensure you have enabled Threads on the Freshdesk web app.

Private Notes

On the Freshdesk app, open the ticket on which you want to add a private note and Click ‘add note’ on the banner at the bottom. Private threads can be created on private notes, public notes, agent replies, and customer replies. 

You can follow the steps below to add Private Threads to existing Private notes, customer replies, or agent replies.

  • Open a ticket, click on the 3 dots on the top right
  • Freshdesk creates a private note thread for all the replies you add. You can add attachments to your reply using the attach button below the text box.

Please note the following limitations while using Threads:

  • Agents can edit and delete their own messages only. Agents can also delete sent attachments, but only on their messages.
  • Maximum number of threads on a ticket - 100
  • Maximum number of threads on an anchor(An anchor means any message in the ticket - agent reply, customer reply, private note, public note) - 5
  • Maximum number of messages in a thread - 400
  • Maximum size of an attachment - 20 MB
  • You can access all your private threads on the ticket screen. Clicking on a particular note will open the thread to show all replies.

Forward Threads

  • On the Freshdesk Mobile app, open the ticket you want to forward and click the ‘forward’ button in the menu bar at the bottom. You can also initiate a forward thread from an anchor (private note, public note, agent reply, or customer reply). You can select the anchor and click ‘forward’ in the menu bar at the bottom.
  • This opens a forwards window to add the recipient’s email address, BCC, and attachments. When you receive replies to forwards, they are added as forward threads on the ticket.

Working with threads on the mobile app

All private note threads, forward threads, and discussion threads are displayed on the ticket window. You can scroll down to find all the threads below the ticket. You can also click on the three dots on the top right and click ‘Threads’.  This opens a new screen, listing all threads on that particular ticket.

You can delete threads by clicking on the three dots on the top right corners of the individual threads. You can also forward the particular thread as a conversation using this menu.

Threads: Limitations on the Mobile App

Please note that there are certain limitations for threads that are not supported on the Freshdesk Mobile App.

  • Discussion Threads: Discussion threads cannot be created on the mobile app. However, agents can view, edit and reply to discussion threads on the mobile app.
  • Notifications: Agents can view indications for unread threads from the notifications list. However, no auto-refresh indications will be on the ticket or thread pages.
  • @mentions: The ‘@’ mention on any thread from the mobile app will not be tagged. The @mention will only appear as plain text.
  • Thread conversation parameters: It is not possible to view the number of replies in a particular thread. If a thread is unread, the agent cannot view the ‘read’ status on the reply.
  • Editing on threads: An agent can't edit notes, replies, and threads across the mobile app.
  • Resend Button: When a message fails to get delivered due to some issue, agents cannot see the ‘resend’ button for the message. Instead, the text will be retained on the text editor for the mobile app.

Please reach out to support@freshdesk.com for any queries.