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Filters are advanced display markups that can be used to crunch down a variable or string to a useful format. They can also be used to pull out information from a particular variable. Here are a few examples:

{{ string | upcase }} → will convert a string to uppercase

{{ string | size }} → will return the number of characters in the string

{{ string | replace: ‘Ticket’, 'Case' }} → will replace all instances of ‘Ticket’ with ‘Case’

{{ string | date: "%Y %b %d" }} → will return a date

{{ string | truncate: 20 }} → will truncate the string to 20 characters

{{ string | strip_html }} → will strip all HTML and return plain text version of the string

You can also combine multiple filters together in a liquid statement:

{{ string | upcase | strip_html }} → uppercase plain text version of the string

Note: Freshdesk uses Liquid version 2.4.1 and supports the filters given in this page

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