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If you need to fine-tune the permissions for different agents and groups, you can create custom roles. Custom roles support a long list of permissions for every segment of Freshdesk. For example:

  • Community Manager: A custom role with no Ticket permissions to view, modify, or reassign tickets, but has Forums permissions to handle the user community.
  • Analyst: A custom role with no Solutions permissions to edit articles, but has Analytics permissions to manage reports and dashboards.
  • Processing Agent: A custom role that can view tickets and respond to them, add or edit notes, and edit properties, but cannot create, delete, or merge tickets.

Tip: Regardless of role permissions, all agents can still view tickets (based on their scope), add private notes, and create solution articles as drafts.

About role permissions

You can create a vast variety of custom roles with unique sets of permissions to suit your business needs. Depending on your Freshdesk plan, you may be able to manage the following groups of permissions:

Permission CategoryDescription
TicketsCreate, edit, delete, and manage tickets, ticket list views, and notes
Scenario AutomationManage personal or shared scenario automations
SolutionsCreate, edit, delete, and manage articles, categories, and templates
ForumsCreate, edit, delete, and moderate forum topics and categories
CustomersCreate, delete, or export contacts, companies, and segments
Field ServiceCreate, manage, or delete service tasks, access the scheduling dashboard, and manage automation for service tasks.
AnalyticsAccess analytics reports and manage team dashboards
AdministrationAccess operational admin actions including managing agents, portal settings, billing, and more.
GeneralCreate new tags and schedule out-of-office for themselves
Freddy CopilotAccess the Freddy Copilot add-on (consumes a license)
Freddy InsightsAccess the Freddy Insights add-on
Custom ObjectsView, create, update, or delete custom object records

About admin permissions

From a management perspective, you could also use roles to specify three levels of Admin controls:

  1. You can create users with no access to admin controls at all.
  2. You can create an Operational admin and allow them to manage agents and/or set up automations but not modify configurations.
  3. You can nominate agents as Super admins, who get complete configuration access to your Admin tab.
You can specify whether a Super Admin can access Account and Billing information. Learn more about Admin Roles, Assuming Identities, and Deleting Agents.

How to create a custom role

  1. As an admin, go to Admin > Team > Roles and click New Role.
  2. Enter a name and description for this role and set the agent type to whom this role should apply.
  3. Scroll through the list of permissions and check the appropriate checkboxes and radio buttons.
  4. Click Save.
  5. You can now apply the role to agents. Learn how.

If you have a custom role configuration in mind but aren't sure how to implement it in Freshdesk, contact support@freshdesk.com.