Zapier lets you automate tasks between online applications. You can create Zaps that uses an action in one app as a trigger to perform an action in another app. For example, if a new comment is posted on your Wordpress blog, a new ticket can be created in your Freshdesk - that would be a Zap. 

This way, you don't have to spend too much time or resources integrating Freshdesk with other apps. 

To create Zaps linking Freshdesk to other apps, login to your Zapier account or create a new one (it has a 14 days free trial).

Quick guide to create a Zap

  • Login to your Zapier account.
  • Click on Make a Zap or explore the existing ones.
  • Pick the trigger app and the action app in the first step. Choose Wordpress and Freshdesk for our example.
  • Choose the trigger and the action from the dropdown. New comment would be the trigger and Create Ticket would be the action in our case.
  • Click on Continue.

  • In step two, connect your wordpress account with Zapier by clicking on Connect a Wordpress Account. Enter your wordpress URL and login credentials, and click on Continue.

  • In step 3, connect your Freshdesk account by clicking on Connect a Freshdesk Account. 
  • You can create filters using the trigger app parameters in step 4. For example, you can choose to convert only "approved" comments into tickets.

  • You will be required to match up the fields between the two accounts. In our case, we can choose the subject of the ticket as the post title and the description of the ticket as the content of the comment. 
  • You can test of this Zap is working in the next step and turn it on.

    Quick guide to connecting your Freshdesk account

    • Click on the Connect a Freshdesk account button.
    • Give a name to the account you are connecting that is easily recognizable in the future.
    • Enter the subdomain of your Freshdesk account. 
    • Enter the API key of your account. To get your API key:
      • Login to your Freshdesk.
      • Click on your profile picture on the top right of the window.
      • Choose Profile settings.
      • Your API key will be present below the change password section on your right.

    • Click on Continue and Zapier will verify your information.

    If an "Authorization failed" error appears, please check the API key you entered. 

    All your approved comments in Wordpress will now be created as tickets in Freshdesk.