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The Freshdesk app for Android comes with support for deeplinks. When you tap on links to tickets or contacts from other apps, they can open up in the Freshdesk app automatically. Deeplinks work as long as your account has the URL of the form *, and not for vanity URLs.


The first time you tap on a ticket link, a prompt will appear asking you if you'd like to open it in the browser or via Freshdesk. If you choose Freshdesk and opt to 'Always', all ticket links you tap in the future will open in the Freshdesk app. 


Some apps, like Hangouts, have in-app browsers that open all http links by default. In such apps, the ticket links will be opened by the in-app browser and not the Freshdesk app. In such apps, you can turn off in-app browsers from Settings. In Hangouts, you can toggle the option ‘Browse in Hangouts’ from Settings.

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