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What gets copied into your Sandbox account?

The Sandbox is designed to copy all settings that can impact the workflow of your helpdesk. Here is a comprehensive list of configurations that will be copied into your Sandbox account.

  • Admin accounts

  • Agent accounts  

  • Helpdesk settings

  • Email settings (except for the support email)

  • Ticket Fields

  • Customer Fields

  • Groups and corresponding settings (business rules, ticket assignment, escalation rules,..)

  • Roles (with permissions)

  • SLA & Business Hours

  • Products (names only)

  • Tags

  • Dispatch’r, Observer and Supervisor rules

  • Scenario Automations

  • Canned Responses

  • Templates

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Email Notifications

Note: All the above mentioned configuration changes are copied back. However new agents created in your sandbox, or changes to agent profiles, are not copied back into your Freshdesk account. 

What does not get copied into your Sandbox account?

  • Tickets data, customer and contacts

  • Ticket list views

  • Support email(s)

  • Social handle(s)

  • Portals - logo, favicon, customization

  • Gamification

  • Forums

  • Apps and integrations

  • SSO and SSL settings

  • Knowledge Base

The features and configurations above can be tested independently on your sandbox account, but any changes made will not be copied back to your Freshdesk account.

Confidential tickets, customer or contact data will not be copied. However, sample data that can be used for testing is pre-populated into your sandbox account, on creation.