Agents often need to perform a series of actions or tasks before they can push a ticket to the next level - tasks that are not unique to that ticket. For example, with tickets concerning refunds, you'd have to tag the ticket as Refund, assign the ticket to the Refunds group, and set the status of the ticket to Processing Refund. Scenarios in Freshdesk let you perform a number of tasks with a single click, right from within a ticket. So every time there's a ticket about a refund, all you have to do is execute that scenario and the ticket is tagged, assigned and has its status changed without you lifting a finger.

A quick guide to creating a scenario:

  • Login to the helpdesk portal. 

  • Go to Admin > Helpdesk Productivity > Scenarios. 

  • Click New Scenario.

  • Enter an appropriate name and description for the scenario you are about to create.

  • Add the first task you'd like to perform by selecting an Action from the dropdown list.

    • For example, to set ticket priority to High, select Set Priority in the first dropdown and then select High.

  • Add more actions by clicking on Add another action.

    • You can delete any action by clicking on the - icon.

  • Once you're done, click Save.

The list of created scenarios is displayed on the Scenarios page. You can edit or remove an existing entry by hovering over the option and choosing Edit or Delete. You can also replicate a scenario  by clicking on the Clone button next to the scenario you wish to duplicate. For more on how your agents can execute and verify scenarios, click here.