Integrating your Harvest account with Freshdesk enables you to track time entries of your agents from within Freshdesk. 

To install the Harvest app for Freshdesk, follow these steps:

  • Login to your Freshdesk portal.
  • Click on the Admin tab. 
  • Go to Helpdesk Productivity Apps  Get More Apps. 
  • Locate Harvest and click on Install.

  • Type in your domain name, and the text that you want to be appended as a note (Remember that this is optional but you could have your ticket id or subject here, for example).

  • Click on Install and this will integrate your Freshdesk account with Harvest.

Now you can add your time tracking entry into Harvest. You can choose to update your time entries in Harvest when you Log Time under Time Logs manually for a particular ticket from the Ticket Details page. 

Note: The Username is the email address of the Administrator in Harvest.


1. During the installation, I am getting an error message 'Invalid URL Format' while entering the URL. Why? 

A : Please make sure you enter only the Harvest domain name. For eg, if your harvest URL is, you should be entering only 'pirates'. 

2. I am getting a popup that says 'Username or password incorrect/empty for Harvest' when I hit the 'Add Time' option inside a ticket.

A : This could be either because the username or password is incorrect or the password is not being updated inside Freshdesk. You can try updating the password in the Harvest app and then try updating that password in Freshdesk. Please follow the steps below to update the password in the Harvest app:

  • Go to your Profile Menu (top right corner) and choose 'My Profile'

  • Go to the Security tab and click on 'Change Your Password'

  • Enter a password and confirm it

  • Save your password

3. Is it possible to show the exact start and stop time?

A : No, only the duration of the time will be shown.