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Access QuickBooks customer details

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Time-Sheet invoicing

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Feature Details:
This app works only with QuickBooks Online. Any reference to QuickBooks in this solution article is a reference to the QuickBooks Online version and not the on-premise version.
Integrating Freshdesk and QuickBooks will allow you to:

  1. Access customer details from QuickBooks - such as the Bill-To name, Address, Email id, and Phone numbers - in the Requester Info section of the ticket details page or on the contacts details page in Freshdesk.
  2. Track time spent on a ticket and log these time-sheet entries to QuickBooks. Time-sheet entries can then be added as billable “Time Charge” sales transactions against the appropriate customer in QuickBooks. 

  3. View most recent five invoices

Installation Procedure:

On Freshdesk

To install this app in your helpdesk, you must have Admin access. To link your QuickBooks account and your helpdesk:

  • Sign into your Freshdesk account
  • Go to Admin → Support Operations → Apps → Get More Apps → QuickBooks
  • Click on Install. This will take you to QuickBooks Authorization page.
  • Sign in to your Intuit QuickBooks Online account with your username and password. QuickBooks will then ask you to authorize QuickBooks to share data with Freshdesk. Click on the “Authorize” button and secure data transfer between the two will be enabled.

    Using the Feature:

    On Freshdesk
    Once the app has been installed, agents will be able to access customer details from QuickBooks in the Requester Info section of the Ticket Details page.

    Agents can use the app to associate the time-sheets, of the tickets they’ve resolved, to billable “Time Charges” on QuickBooks. The Time Charges will be linked to that QuickBooks employee whose email matches the email of the Freshdesk agent, by default. If agents do not have a QuickBooks ID, they can link it to a different QuickBooks employee if necessary. 

    The app automatically matches the Customer Name in QuickBooks with the Requester's Company in Freshdesk, and populates the "Customer" field when linking time charges. But agents can choose to associate it with a different customer in QuickBooks if they wish to do so. This will be useful if agents wish to bill a different entity for support rather than the requester. 

    Agents can use the QuickBooks widget to view the five most recent invoices from the ticket requester. 

    Feature Video:

    What are the requirements to use this app?

    You must have a Freshdesk account and a QuickBooks Online account to use this app. To use the Billable Hours feature, you must have a QuickBooks Online “Plus” account.

    I am unable to view data from QuickBooks despite installing the app. Why?

    Requester Info will be fetched only if the “Company” name in Freshdesk matches the “Display name” of a customer in QuickBooks.

    In case “Display Name” does not match, data will be fetched based on the ticket requester’s email id in Freshdesk matching a customer email id in your QuickBooks account.

    Timesheet entries in Freshdesk and QuickBooks - How do they work?

    • All Timesheet entries created in Freshdesk are pushed to QuickBooks with a default billable rate of $0.
    • If you update timesheet entries in Freshdesk, those changes will be pushed to QuickBooks. But updates to timesheet entries in QuickBooks will not be reflected in Freshdesk.
    • If you use a Timesheet entry to generate an invoice and then modify that timesheet entry - in Freshdesk - then the time entry will be updated in QuickBooks, but the invoice will not change.

    I’m supporting a customer in Freshdesk, but I want to bill a different entity for the time spent on support. Is this possible via the app?

    Yes, you can charge a different entity for support than the user you are talking to. While logging Timesheet entries in Freshdesk, agents will have the option to specify both the Company they wish to bill the entry against, as well the agent who logged it. 

    Sometimes I see two companies in the QuickBooks section of the "Requester Info" column. Why does this happen?

    If a ticket requester is not mapped to any Freshdesk company or if the Freshdesk company does not match any QuickBooks customer display name, then details are fetched from QuickBooks by matching the requester's email id. If this email id returns two customer records in QuickBooks, then we display both in the "Requester Info" section. 

    I don’t have a QuickBooks employee ID. How do I log my Timesheet entries?

    By default, the Time Sheet entry will be logged against the agent updating it. But, if you do not have an ID, you can log the timesheet entry against any of the other QuickBooks employees in the list.

    I get an error message when trying to update a Timesheet entry. Why does this happen? 

    An API error might have occurred causing that message to appear. Any change in data you made will be saved on Freshdesk, but not updated on QuickBooks.

    Wait for a few moments and try updating the entry again. Since the data has already been updated on Freshdesk, the second time you will just have to push the “Update” button in the Timesheet window to push it to QuickBooks.

    Can I stop my support agents from seeing invoice elements like “Price per Unit” and “Invoice Total”?
    Yes. Go to Admin → Support Operations → Apps → QuickBooks → Edit. In the app configuration page, uncheck the “Show commercial details like cost, amount, total” check box. This will cause invoices to not show “Item rates”, “Staff Rates” and “Total Charges”. 
    Only the item description and the quantity will be displayed.

    Can I use Dynamic Placeholders in the "Item description" section of a draft invoice?

    Yes. You can use Dynamic Placeholders to automatically include information such as Ticket Number served in the description of a line item in the draft invoice. 

    NOTE: Not all placeholders can be used in the description of a line item. The image below the entire list of Dynamic Placeholders that Freshdesk has

    The following placeholders cannot be used as description for the line item:

    1. Ticket URL
    2. Public Ticket URL
    3. Product specific ticket URL
    4. Description
    5. Product description
    6. Last Public Comment
    7. Satisfaction Survey