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Smart notifications provide important real-time alerts right inside Freshdesk. This way you can prioritize your next action and respond faster. You can open the Notification Center by clicking on the bell icon in the navigation bar.

With smart notifications, you will no longer have to rely on your email notifications to stay updated on the latest activities in your helpdesk.

The types of notifications in order of priority are:

  • New ticket assigned to you 

  • New ticket assigned to your group 

  • Status updated on a ticket you were assigned to 

  • New response on a ticket assigned to you

  • Note added on a ticket you are following 

  • New tickets created in your helpdesk

  • When a teammate invites you to collaborate on a ticket

You can set your notification preferences or mark all your notifications as read using the two icons at the top right corner of the Notification Center.

Notification preferences

You can choose to receive alerts for the activities that are important to you. Your agents can set up their own set of notifications too.

To change your notification preferences, 

  • Click on the Preferences icon at the top right corner of the Notification Center.
  • Enable the notifications that are relevant to you by clicking on the globe icon against each type of notification.
  • You can also mute your notifications by turning on Silent Notifications

Desktop notifications

You can also choose to enable desktop notifications. That way, even if you are working in another tab or application, the desktop notification will alert you about any activity in your helpdesk. When you click on Reply within the notification, it goes straight to the related ticket. To set up desktop notifications:

  • Click on Enable desktop notifications under Preferences in the Notification Center.

  • In the subsequent prompt, click on Allow to allow your browser to display desktop notifications.

Unblocking notifications from Freshdesk:

  • If you block notifications but would like to enable them at some later time, you can do so by clicking on the lock icon at the left corner in the address bar.
  • Click on the arrow next to Notifications in the dropdown that appears.
  • You can choose to always allow notifications from Freshdesk or have the browser ask for permission every time you open the Freshdesk web app.

  • By default, Chrome will not display desktop notifications in fullscreen mode. However, if you prefer working in this mode, you can manually enable desktop notifications (available only on Mac).
  • Navigate to chrome://flags in a new Chrome tab.
  • Search for Enable native notifications and click on Enabled in the dropdown.