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Yes, Freshdesk supports live chat as a channel. The live chat channel is powered by Freshchat which is a modern messaging software for customer engagement teams. 

Why messaging over live chat? 

Customers today are used to shiny messaging interfaces in their daily life that gives them the flexibility to communicate and respond at their own pace without the burden of real-time communication. They expect a similar experience from business messaging apps too. 

With Freshchat, bring the experience of modern messaging inside your website, in-app, and mobile. 

i) Keep conversations continuous and accessible with unlimited chat history

ii) Categorize conversations into topic-based channels like billing, delivery, feedback etc

iii) Be wherever your visitors and customers are by integrating the messenger on your website, mobile SDK, and in-app. 

iv) Say no to missed chats with email, desktop, and push notifications

v) Reach out to visitors and customers proactively with campaigns 

vi) Get all the context you need in-between conversations with website navigation path, user profile enriched from Clearbit Reveal, details from external apps pulled using SmartPlugs and more

vii) Integrated your FAQs inside the messenger for a non-siloed self-service experience

User-facing chat widget:

Agent-facing chat widget: 

To integrate Freshchat with Freshdesk you can follow the steps from this article.