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With the Freshmarketer integration, you can now view customer sessions on every ticket generated in Freshdesk. Session replays can help you reduce the number of emails exchanged with your customers and also identify their most common problems. When a customer raises a ticket, the session prior to that where he might have run into an issue or visited a solution article, is recorded. 

What is a session replay? 

A session replay is a recording of the customer’s journey on a website or within a web application.

How would this integration help me?

  • Get context about the issue that the customer has been facing, without having to ask them to elaborate the issue. For e.g. If a customer has been facing trouble with routing emails, you can look at the session replay and understand what went wrong.

  • Lesser email threads leading to decrease in resolution time.

  • Understand which part of your website/product is confusing to the customer. 

  • Reduces the need to ask customers for screenshots. Instead replay the sessions. 

  • Identify the solution articles visited by the customer to make sure that the support agent does not suggest the same. 

How to Integrate Freshmarketer’s Session Replay with Freshdesk?

  • Login to your Freshdesk account

  • Navigate to the Admin tab on the left panel > Agent Productivity > Session Replay

  • Create a Freshmarketer account. If you already have a Freshmarketer account, skip this step.

Note: Once you click 'Create account',a Freshmarketer account will be created for the given email address and the Freshmarketer JS snippet will be generated for your account.

  • Once you have the Freshmarketer account created, login to your Freshmarketer account

  • Navigate to the Setup dropdown on the top right corner and click on the Integrations section

  • Enable Freshdesk Integration

  • Generate the API key for the integration and copy the API key that is generated

  • Go back to your Freshdesk account and paste the Freshmarketer API key in the  Session Replay integration page and hit 'Integrate' to successfully complete the integration.

Note: The session replay would be initiated on either the website or the helpdesk portal. A session can last upto 2 hours if the user is active. You need not manually insert the Freshmarketer JS snippet into your support portal, it will be automatically injected into your support portal by Freshdesk. The session recordings would last a maximum of 60 mins.

How can I use session replays?

  • View all the sessions relating to the ticket that’s easily accessible on the right side of the screen.

  • Know all the pages visited and knowledge-base articles read before reaching out to support. 

  • Get basic information like system and browser type, operating system and even the geographical location of the customer.


  • You can also add notes to the sessions for other support agents for their future reference as well.