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How do I install Freshconnect for my Freshdesk account?

If you are a user who has just signed up for Freshdesk after 27th August 2018, Congratulations! Freshconnect is already enabled for your account. Check out the next section to understand how to get started.
For all Freshdesk users who’ve been using the helpdesk before 27th August 2018, we will be rolling out the integration for you in phases. This will replace the Team Huddle (Discuss) in your account with Freshconnect. If you wish to get Freshconnect earlier, then please register for the waitlist here.

How to start a discussion on a ticket using Freshconnect?

  • Login to your Freshdesk portal, head over to the Tickets tab and choose a ticket where you need help from another agent. 

  • Click on the Freshconnect icon on the bottom right corner of the page and then choose the 'Discuss this ticket' option. In the Freshconnect chat pane, @mention your teammate to invite them to the discussion. You can also invite other colleagues or representatives from third-party partners to the discussion with their email IDs.   

  • Use the Attach icon to add a file to provide any additional information.

  • Start your message with @discussion to address all the members who are in your current discussion

  • Anyone can invite an Agent to a Freshconnect conversation. You don’t need to be an Admin or a Supervisor.

How can collaborators join a conversation?

  • Mention people with @name in the Freshconnect chat window. 

    • If they are agents already in the helpdesk, they will be immediately invited to the conversation. 

    • If you wish to add third party partners who are not part of your organization, you will be asked to enter their email and an invite will be sent to them.

  • Your teammate will receive a notification in the Freshconnect notification center that they have been invited to collaborate on a ticket. Clicking on the notification takes them to the discussion.

  • If you are not invited to a discussion but would like to be part of the conversation - send a message in the Freshconnect window and you will be added as a member automatically.

How many people can I collaborate with?

You can add up to 100 collaborators for free. If you wish to add more, please contact support@freshconnect.io

NOTE: Starting July 1, 2020, Freshconnect will not be available in the Freshworks Switcher. The widget, the links, and all the email notifications, however, will be accessible for users across the product.