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Keeping track of time spent and generating timesheet reports is vital for businesses and service providers. Based on your plan, FreshDesk provides multiple options to optimize your time spend.

Time Logs

The Time Logs feature allows agents to start and stop timers and automatically log their time on a ticket. They can also add comments to these logs. To log time on a ticket:

  1. In the Time Logs widget in the apps pane on the right, click the Log Time button.
  2. In the panel that opens, enter the time in the HH:MM field and any comments in the Note field and click Save.
  3. A log is added to the widget.
    1. To continue tracking time in this log, click Start. Click Stop to stop tracking.
    2. To manually edit the log, click Edit and change the details in the panel.
    3. To remove the log, click Delete.


  • Instead of providing the time manually, you can leave the HH:MM field blank to start a timer from zero. This timer creates a new log in the widget that can be stopped, restarted, and edited as necessary.
  • When logging time, ensure the “Billable” checkbox is checked so that the entry is marked as billable time in your timesheet reports.
  • In case agents forget to stop a running timer on a ticket, Freshdesk automatically stops it for them as soon as the agent starts the timer on a different ticket.

(Pro plans onwards) Average Handling Time

The Average Handling Time (AHT) is a stopwatch that automatically starts when you visit an assigned ticket, stops each time you move away from the ticket, and continues whenever you revisit the ticket.

Since AHT is automatic and accurate, time tracking is made simple. With AHT, you can:

  • Reduce manual effort
  • Improve your productivity and performance
  • Focus on resolving tickets without worrying about logging time

Admins can configure AHT for your organization. If they make it visible, you can see the stopwatch in the AHT widget in the apps pane. If they hide it instead, AHT still runs in the background.

When AHT is enabled, you cannot start or stop timers in the Time Logs widget. However, you can still log unaccounted time spent on tickets. For example, if you move away from the ticket page to find solution articles or message colleagues about the issue, the AHT timer stops. You may want to log that research time manually. Learn more.