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In addition to the default set of quests available in Freshdesk, you can create custom quests that are more fine-tuned to your business goals. For example, you can make answering queries this Black Friday more fulfilling and fun by setting a quest and awarding badges to every agent who completes the quest.

A Quick Guide to creating a New Quest:

  • Login to your support portal.
  • Go to the Admin > Agent Productivity > Arcade. 
  • Select the Quests tab.
  • The default set of quests will be displayed along with their ON/OFF status.
  • Click on the New Quest button to create a brand new quest.
  • Choose the type of the quest you are about to create. It can be either Resolving tickets, Publishing Solutions or Engage the Community.
  • Once you have chosen the type, fill out the quest criteria and conditions.
  • You can add multiple conditions by selecting the Add New Condition button.
  • Click on Pick a Badge to choose a badge for your quest. 
  • Specify the number of reward points and the badge the agent scores upon completion of the quest
  • And finally, name your quest and describe it briefly so that your agents know what it is.
  • Click on Save Quest to finish creating the quest.

Your agents can view all the Quests from their Dashboard.