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Recurring SLA violations are often the result of inadequate support processes, ineffective vendor collaboration, lapses in team performance, and so on. With the Ticket Lifecycle Report, you now have an easy way to analyze these scenarios to determine the root cause of your support inefficiencies. 

This report empowers administrators to dissect Resolved/Closed tickets over specified periods, identifying underlying issues contributing to resolution delays. A deeper analysis with this report as the basis can give you a clear picture of scenarios like multiple reassignments, escalations within the group, or how SLAs were violated because of a change in group.
Additionally, the Ticket Lifecycle Report can also give you the time tickets spent at each stage while they were open using the 'Group by' option, without requiring your team to add time entries or log work manually.

How to use the Ticket Lifecycle Report:

  • This report will give you the total time and average time spent by tickets split across Type, Source, Priority, Agent, Group, & Product as widgets

  • Use the Filter button to filter by any default or custom fields for a specific date range

  • These widgets will display the time spent by the tickets in your selected category. On clicking on the widget, you can drill down these tickets using the 'Show tabular data' accordion

  • You can further drill down to get the time spent by the tickets split by any property using the 'Group by' option in the widget configure pane

Note: The time captured in the report only includes the time expended during the total business hours.