The Freshchat widget can be used to deploy the Freddy Self-service bot on Whatsapp. Before starting, please make sure that you have integrated your Freddy Self-service account with your Freshchat account. Please follow these steps to connect your Freddy Self-service account with your Freshchat account.

  • Whatsapp only accepts text and strings as inputs. Therefore, please configure your bot with the Text field as the input type, and Text as the field type.

  • Since the bot can only accept text inputs, you can present the customers with a list of options, marked by a series of numbers that they can respond with. With these responses, the customer will go through the bot flow. When the customer reaches out through Whatsapp, they will be greeted with the initial hello message and a series of services that can be availed using the bot.

  • The customer can respond with one of the numbers, and the respective flow is triggered. If the customer gives an invalid input, they will be prompted to give the right input.

  • You can also make use of Whatsapp's formatting options, such as using asterisks before and after a word to make the font appear bold. For example, *Hello* world, will be rendered as Hello world, on Whatsapp. You can also make use of emojis in your message with the rich text editor.

  • You can also set up the slash command quick action for a bot that you're setting up. However, the other quick actions, such as predefined buttons and widget menus can't be configured if the bot will be deployed on Whatsapp.

Here's a look at how the customer experience will be:

Please write to if you have any more questions, we'll be happy to help you.